You Go Girl! – Homemade Games for Girls

Let’s have some homemade fun with some games for girls. Girls love to create and play so this can naturally lead to some fun games for girls. Some of the best times playing are when girls not only create games, but also get to play with them over and over.

Dora, the Explorer – Preschool Game for Girls

Dora Game
This beloved cartoon character for preschoolers has fun on her adventures and so can your little girls. Parents can create adventure maps that lead little ones to various areas of the yard or house. At each stop there should be some sort of game. These could be simple matching games for very young ones or something that meets current learning goals such as physical challenges or word games. This is a fun game for girls that will have your little ones singing and learning.

Extreme Runway Race – Game for a group of Girls

This is a fun game for a group of girls. Gather some of their favorite dress-up clothes. Make sure you have at least two of each type of item: shoes, dresses, hats, or whatever appeals to you and your children. Put the items in two sack or suitcases. Divide your group into two teams. Line up the teams at a starting line. Then about 20 feet away put your dress items in a bag for each team.At go the first players run down put on the items, then run back to the start, then return to the bag to take off the items, and race back to tag the next player. The winning team is the first to have all their players compete and make it back to start. Be sure to snap some pictures of the racers in their crazy combinations.

Make-up Artist – Game for older girls

Tiger Facepaint Makeup 1002284

I have been the ‘victim’ of this game many times. I keep lots of cheap make-up on hand. A group of girls takes turns putting make-up on each other. Then we break out the digital camera and take lots of fun pictures. Sometimes we have a theme to the make up night such as animal, sparkle, or model magic. Sometimes we add beauty shop into the mix and do hairstyles, too.

These are some of the games that got repeated at afternoon play dates and slumber parties. I sometimes miss those times playing with my girls. They are getting too old (teenagers) to play these games. I will have to settle for waiting to play them with grand daughters.

About the author
I am Janelle. I am currently a SAHM of my two daughters, ages 12 and 16. I also have a step son, age 17. My step daughter is 20 and is away at college but still comes home to raid our refrigerator on occasion. I have a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and also am currently studying for my cosmetology license. I believe that the most important thing any mother or father can do is be active in their child(ren)’s life.