Indoor activities for kids while you are busy with chores

As a parent, you are not always available to play with your children. Some house chores need to be done: cleaning, cooking, laundry. If you want them to get them done in a timely manner without being interrupted  every 5 minutes, you need to keep your child busy.  Depending on your child’s age range, there are some great indoor activities for kids that do not require constant supervision.

8 Indoor activities for kids

1- Play dough:

It is a fun indoor activity for kids that develops creativity and brings fun to the kids. You can make it at home. In just 10 minutes. You can provide them with some cookie shapers. If you do not have shapers, give them few plastic bowls to make shapes.

You will need

  • ½ cup salt
  • ½ cup of water
  • 1 cup of flour
  • Any food dye.

 Mix everything in a bowl and hand them the mixture.

2- Markers-Papers- tape

This a popular indoor activity for kids. Provide them with markers, papers, tape and let them amaze with a beautiful collage. My 4 year old can spend an hour coloring and using tapes

3- Play with boxes

Provide your child with boxes,such as empty cereal boxes. Have them decorate them or even paint them with their favorite colors

4- Legos

 This is my 4 year-old’s favorite indoor activity. I hand her a box full of  Legos and ask her to surprise me with her favorite creations. Check our Lego Duplo 30 days of play challenge for creative ideas.

5- Dress up

With all your used Halloween costumes and some basis accessories, ask your child to dress up. Ask him or her to prepare a play.

6- Puzzles

It is a great indoor activity for kids. It helps them with the spelling, grammar and some fine motor skills. Make sure to provide them with the appropriate age range. You cannot hand a 3 year-old a 200 pieces puzzle. He will ask for your help each second.

7- Reading activity

Hand them few books. Ask them to read them on their own and tell you the story after. It helps with their memory

8- Watch a new movie

Sometimes TV is a necessary evil. It can be helpful if used with moderation. You can put on a new movie while you devote you devote some time to your tasks.

These indoor activities for kids are a great way to enhance your child’s creativity and independence. Children can play with a minimal supervision while you are doing some household tasks. What are your favorite indoor activities for kids? 

Please note, an adult supervision is always required. Please do hand your child dangerous materials and check on them on a regular basis.

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