15 Smart Job Ideas For Teens To Make Some Money

Teens need cash too! Need job ideas for teens? Check out our big list of fifteen ideas to jump start your job search now!

Finding a job as a teen can be daunting, but sometimes the hardest part is actually just finding job ideas for teens. Sure there are some traditional jobs many of us think of for teens, but they aren’t the only jobs out there! If your teen has a skill or a service to provide, she can start her own small business. A job can also have lots of other opportunities for personal growth such as self-confidence, money management and the big R… responsibility! Here’s my great big list of job ideas for teens!

15 Smart Job Ideas For Teens To Make Some Money

Summer Camp Counselor– There are so many different places that offer camps these days from the city to the local pool, preschools, gyms, dance studios… ask around your network if they are hiring!

Pet Sitting– Need your dog walked? Your cat fed? I bet a local teen would be interested in helping out for a long weekend or that week summer vacation trip you’re planning. It might also be handy for that day you always get home late from work to have someone else walk the dog that night! Help your teen contact other local pet owners and see if they could use a pet sitter.

Baby Sitting-Being a responsible babysitter can mean big business for a teen. Investing in a Red Cross babysitting certificate can help grow their job options quicker. Younger teens can also be a Mother’s Helper, where they play with the kids and help while the mom is home. Start asking around and I bet someone you know will be interested in babysitting!

Car Detailing– Most people don’t take the time to clean their car inside and out. Talk to your friends and neighbors (or tell your teen to) and get your hands on a good shop vacuum. If they do a go job, they might be able to make it a regular gig.

Tutoring– Got a math whiz? Does your teen have a knack for writing? Inquire around with parents of younger kids to see if anyone could use a little extra help.

Music Lessons– Similar to tutoring, but for those who can sing or play an instrument. Help out a younger kid and your teen’s wallet.

Photography– Does your teen have a good eye for photos? He can try selling your photographs from your high res camera as stock images!

Swim Instructor– This is another great job for teens once they’ve proved your swimming ability!

Birthday Party Character– Feeling like a superhero or princess? Try calling a few local companies that provide characters and ask for an audition. Little kids adore these characters! You’re guaranteed to have smiles and hugs from most of the kids.

Apple Picker– Do you have an orchard or farm nearby? Its hard work but many need extra hands during harvest season. If the farm also has seasonal events like hayrides and pick your own fruit, they may need someone to run the cash register or sell donuts.

Events/Banquet Server– I worked this job for several years as a teen, helping serve food at weddings, bar mitzvahs, fancy golf events and other fancy parties at a local country club. The perks can be amazing- left behind wedding flowers and lobster? Yes, please!

Amusement Park/Fair Worker– This is another seasonal style job, but so many of these companies hire teens as their workforce doing all kinds of jobs.

Movie Theater Worker– What about popping popcorn and selling movie tickets? Perks, you know all the latest movies and may score free movies or movie posters.

Food Service Worker– Food service isn’t the most glamorous work, but it can bring in quick cash for a teen. I worked in food service and always stuck to places that did not have a fryer to keep things less messy for myself. Being a host or hostess on the weekends is another great teen job.

Make Crafts-Does your teen like to DIY? Have her find a craft others compliment her on and try to sell it! Pick something that’s fairly quick to make, and she could turn over big cash. To expand her business, try setting up a table at a local festival or craft fair!

Do you have any other job ideas for teens? Add to my list in the comments!

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21 thoughts on “15 Smart Job Ideas For Teens To Make Some Money”

  1. These are great tips. There are some good jobs on that list! My cousin is starting work this summer so I’ll show this to her.

  2. These are all great ways for them to make money. My daughter got a job at a local supermarket, and is finally learning what it means to earn a living.

  3. What fantastic ideas for teens to make money. My younger sister and I liked to swim, but had no pool or plunge nearby. A swimming pool builder opened up two blocks away, but lacked advertising. The two of us went up to the owner and discussed how having two happy kids diving into the water, playing with a colorful ball, and splashing around would draw attention from people driving by on the busy boulevard. We got to swim as much as we wanted and earned a few dollars each day. Ingenuity is sometimes the name of the game.

  4. My daughter worked in a grocery store when she was a teenager. It is a great way to get some experience working with the public.

  5. This is a great list of job ideas for teens. I know a lot of teens in my area do yard work for extra cash.

    1. That’s also a great way to get outside and earn a little cash. I miss the smell of those Magnolia trees. :)

  6. Robin Masshole Mommy

    Those are all great ideas. Back in my day, we used to mow lawns and shovel snow for elderly neighbors.

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