Giving equal time to each child, be a fair parent

 The hardest thing when you are a working parent with 2 kids is to balance your attention between them.

As our son was born with strabismus and went through multiple surgeries, we spent the first 6 years of his little life running from a doctor’s office to another, bringing him to his physiotherapist, to his weekly activities and helping with his homework.

When our little girl was born, (by then, our son turned 6), we had to adjust our selves in order to dedicate some time just for her.

The first year, my wife nursed our little baby. I was only able to have time to give her the bath because. I was overwelmed with my job and my son’s activities.

When she turned one, and  started crawling, walking and shouting, I realized that I need to spend more time with her, take care and playing with her. I realized that this little tiny baby needed my attention as much as her older brother…

I started including my daughter as much as possible into my son’s activities and it helped me a lot. when I go roller-blading with my son, I put my daughter in the stroller and take her with us, She loved that. I was the able not only to spend time with my two kids but also to provide my wife with an opportunity to have some rest.

When I bring my son to the physiotherapist, I take my daughter with me. There is a swimming pool in the facility; she loved watching the kids swimming….

Since then me and my wife are putting family time as our top priority. We all have breakfast and dinner at the same time, go for a walk or cycling together at least once a week  and even go to the grocery store together.