5 Tips to Help Parents Reduce their Back to School Stress

If you are a parent, then you already know that your stress level increases when the kids go back to school.  Lunches, preparation of school clothes, shopping for school supplies, new schedules, and homework are just a few items parents contend with every year. However, the back to school stress you are feeling can be reduced with a few adjustments.


Here are five tips that will help you deal with your hectic back to school schedule:

1. Don’t aim for perfection.
If you are a parent working outside the home, don’t try and be a “superwoman or superman.” Meals don’t have to be gourmet to be nutritious.  Keep your meals simple on school days.   Also, a perfectly clean house doesn’t always equate with a happy home. Put back the major items you use and don’t fret over all the little things that don’t get done. Set aside one day a week for the cleaning of the bathrooms or use one night during the week to clean the bathrooms.  Your house doesn’t need to be a showcase of perfection—just a happy home with a little  less stress on you!
2. Set daily priorities.Make a list for each day of what you want to accomplish. Prioritize the most important back to school items that need done. Make sure the people in your life are priority.  Remember that the people around you are what’s important–not the list. Don’t worry if not everything on the list gets done. Be flexible. Keep your list small.
3. Have one day without any schedules or lists.

Everybody needs one day off a week to not feel under the gun. Get rid of any lists or schedules for this day. Sleep in and have breakfast later in the morning. Do what makes you happy. If you like to go to yard sales; then do it. Spending a few hours at the spa or out in your garden may be your cup of tea. Whatever it is you like to do, do it. Wind down and mellow out this day.

4. Have one designated spot for school items (preferably near your outside door).

Have one spot for school lunches, school notes that need signed, book bags, books to be returned, keys, etc.  This works great. This will cut down on back-to-school morning panic.  Finding things easily results in a calmer atmosphere for all concerned.

5. Parents need a good night’s rest.

To handle pressures, whether back to school schedules or not, you need to be rested and physically alert. Don’t spend late-night hours on the computer or watching movies, especially during school nights. Reports indicate adults should have no more than nine or ten hours of sleep a night. Too much sleep is just as bad as too little sleep. Set the example for your kids by getting your proper rest. You’ll be healthier for it.

You can’t control all the situations or challenges that will arise during the school year. By incorporating all of the above tips into your routine though, you will reduce your back-to-school stress.

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