7 Easy Ways to Bond with Your Kids

Looking for easy ways to bond with your kids? You’re going to love these 7 simple and fun ideas! They’re perfect for all ages from tots to teens! Let’s check the out!

Looking for easy ways to bond with your kids? You're going to love these 7 simple and fun ideas! They're perfect for all ages from tots to teens! Let's check the out!

What parent doesn’t want a stronger bond with their children? With all the things we have on our plates as busy moms and dads, it can feel overwhelming to come up with ways to strengthen that bond, particularly if you’ve started to drift apart.

Don’t worry – it can be easier than you think. Putting in even just a small amount of effort will pay dividends to the bond you and your kids have. Give these simple ideas a try to bond with your kids. Read on for our ideas!


Easy ways to bond with your kids

  1. Read together. Reading is so important for kids, and it’s a great way to spend time together. If your child is still young enough that they enjoy being read to, grab a few favorite books, snuggle together under a blanket and read. Ask questions during or after the book to work on storytelling and comprehension skills. If your kids are older, sit in the same room and read your own book while they read theirs. Just being in each other’s presence makes a difference! Check our reading suggestions for young readers.


  1. Spend time with each child individually. If you have more than one child, it can be hard to have one-on-one time with each of them. Find something each child enjoys and do that activity just the two of you. If going somewhere without both or all of your children isn’t possible, during quiet time at home, play with just one child at a time. Try playing a board game, kicking a ball outside, or coloring together.


  1. Put away your devices. I work outside of the home, and I notice a huge difference in the way I interact with my kids if I keep my phone and computer put away until they are in bed. I am more present, less irritable, and more affectionate with my kids without the distraction of social media and work email. If you don’t work outside the home, give yourself boundaries of when you’ll pull out your devices. You’ll see the change almost immediately!


  1. Cook and eat together. My kids absolutely love cooking with me, and while it takes more time, the joy on their faces as they help is totally worth it (these cheese pasta recipes will be a hit!). Once dinner is ready, sit down at the table together. No devices, no phone calls. Just time to talk about your days, what you’re looking forward to doing on the weekend, etc.


  1. Create something. There is magic in creating, whether it’s building a LEGO set together or painting. Work together or work side-by-side, depending upon age and skill level. Whatever you’re creating, remember perfection is not the goal – bonding is. Just enjoy what you’re doing and the time you spend together!


  1. Spend time in the car with the radio off. Some of the best advice I received from a seasoned mom was to use the time in the car to talk. She said that even as teenagers, her kids would open up to her in the car. She would ask open-ended, probing questions, and her kids would talk about their fears, concerns, and tough decisions they were facing. As a mom of young kids, my family isn’t there quite yet, but the things my kids do say in the car are incredible. We have all kinds of conversations and learning opportunities.


  1. Watch TV with them. Bet you didn’t expect this on the list! Yes, screen time should be limited, but if you’re going to have the TV on, sit down and watch it together. Take advantage of lessons being taught in the show to talk with your kids afterward about their thoughts, how they would have handled things, etc. Plus, take advantage of some quality cuddling time! Read how you can host a perfect movie night.

Bonding time doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Make a few shifts in things you’re already doing, and you’ll be surprised at how your relationship with your kids can change for the better.

Is there anything you love doing with your kids to bond that we missed? Once you give these tips a try, please make sure you tell us how they worked for you!



15 thoughts on “7 Easy Ways to Bond with Your Kids”

  1. Agree that bonding doesn’t have to be expensive. My kid like to play “I spy with my little eye … game’ in the car. Reading bed time story is a great exercise for quality bonding.

  2. THese are all a great idea to bond with our kids. Quality time is really important to a family, especially to kids.

  3. These are all great ideas. There are so many easy ways to bond with kids that sometimes the parents, like me, seem to make it more difficult than it really has to be! My favorite bonding moments are in the van when we’re driving and from somewhere, the conversations are the best.

  4. Today I cooked with one child and watched TV with my kiddo who had a headache and isn’t feeling well. I like that my boys still love to snuggle. We read books and the latest thing is making the tallest marble run tower. Spring break has been great so far…no travels for us, just a fun stay-cation.

  5. Cooking with my mom are some of my fondest memories from childhood. I still love cooking to this day because of all the time we spent in the kitchen or combing through cookbooks.

  6. What a lovely idea! Quality time is really important to a family, especially to kids. We will try all of these.

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