4 Fantastic Self-Esteem Workbooks For Teenagers

Give your teen a boost in the self-esteem department with these four awesome workbooks to help inspire them to reach their goals.

Adolescence can be a time of emotional confusion for many youngsters.  Self-esteem workbooks for teenagers can help your teen become more resilient, confident, and better equipped to handle the world around them, by using a variety of worksheets and activities; while providing teens with the necessary tools to build their self-esteem and fight bullying.

Here’s a list of some of the most effective self-esteem workbooks out there for teens!

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Self-Esteem Workbooks for Teenagers

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“The Self-Esteem Workbook For Teens: Activities To Help You Build Confidence And Achieve Your Goals” by Lisa M Schab

A great workbook to help teens deal with the emotional ups and downs of adolescence.  This workbook will assist teens in building confidence, setting and achieving goals, and so much more.  Teens will utilize activity worksheets to help them develop and understand their sense of self.  You can find it on Amazon.

“The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens” by Sean Covey

This excellent workbook gives teens the necessary tools to help build their self-esteem; develop healthy relationships and friendships, and resist peer pressure.  Teens can use this workbook at their own pace, and be comfortable doing so, thanks in large part to Covey’s relatable writing style.  You can find it on Amazon.

“Empowering Teens To Build Self Esteem” by Suzanne E. Harrill

A great book, obviously written expressly for teens, using relatable situations without talking down to the adolescents who will be using it. Using a journal format, Harrill helps teens understand the basics of what actually constitutes self-esteem, and what they can do to build it.  Parents will also find this book very informative to help their adolescent children deal with common emotional issues during the teenage years.  You can find it here.

“Think Confident, Be Confident Workbook For Teens: Activities To Help You Create Unshakable  Self-Confidence And Reach Your Goals” by Leslie Sokol and Marci G. Fox

A super workbook brought to you by two leaders in Cognitive Based Therapy whose message is simple: Replace your self-doubt with self-confidence to be the best you can be.  The authors show teens how to achieve greater self-esteem through activities and worksheets.  You’ll find it on Amazon.

Being a teenager is a very exciting time, yet for many, it can be a time of emotional upheaval and low self-esteem.  I introducing a workbook to your adolescent children is a great way for them to explore their new emotions and get in touch with their feelings in a safe and productive way; while helping your teenager build their self-confidence and achieve their goals.

Do you have any favorite self-esteem workbooks for teenagers? Share in the comments!

14 thoughts on “4 Fantastic Self-Esteem Workbooks For Teenagers”

  1. What a great list. Our oldest will be 11 this year. These are some great reads for her. We have “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People” by Sean Covey at home so I know the one for Teens is awesome!

  2. Definitely pinning for my kids later! I know my niece could use some confidence and personal development reads- NEVER too young for PD!

  3. What wonderful, thoughtful products for teenagers. I wish these had been around when I was that age. Maybe my teenage years wouldn’t have been such a struggle.

  4. What a great round up of workbooks to help teens. It is such a difficult age for everyone to pass through, so any help for parents is great.

  5. With my oldest getting closer and closer, I need to start prepping us both for the teen years. These all sound like great resources.

  6. Self love is so important, especially for teens. I will be purchasing one of these workbooks for my oldest, who turns 13 this summer.

  7. Self love is so important, especially for teens. I will be purchasing one of these for my oldest, who turns 13 this summer.

  8. I think it’s fantastic that there are resources like this out there for teens. I couldn’t imagine growing up in today’s world as a teen… it actually scares me.

  9. I don’t have any children, but I cannot even imagine what teens have to go through these days. I work at a high school and I’ve never been privvy to anything bad, but I don’t think I would’ve survived high school in the age of social media.

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