The Pitfalls of Being a Child Star

Child stars are the envy of many. They have money, fame and influence at such a young age. This leaves many parents thinking that what if their child was a star too? It may sound good on paper. But there are also many disadvantages to being a child star. Of course there are advantages. But we should also learn to look at the bigger picture.

Here are some of the pitfalls of being a child star.

Intoxication by fame and fortune.

We’ve seen it before. A young, adorable child goes into show business and turns into a troubled teenager and confused adult. Fame and fortune are extremely seductive. Without proper guidance and discipline, it is very easy for a child to go wayward. A child is still a child – popular or not. It is the responsibility of parents to take an active role in the process of disciplining and managing their child. Don’t spoil your kid. Be firm. Let your no be a no. It may be hard but the results are going to be well worth the effort.

Too much responsibility too soon.

Childhood is a golden time. It is when we should play, discover and have fun. But all too often, child stars are given too much responsibility too soon. Thus, they don’t get the chance to experience and enjoy a normal childhood like other kids. In a way, they are cheated of their youth. We are only young once. We should give other children the opportunity to enjoy this period in their lives. I’m not saying that child stars don’t have happy childhoods. It is just a matter of striking the right balance between work and play.

Crazy schedule.

Stars have very busy schedules. It doesn’t matter whether you are a child, teenager or adult. If you are hot property right now then expect a whirlwind of activity. Adults can focus on their work. But it is different for children. They have to fit studying in between commercial breaks. Most child stars are home schooled. Because their schedules don’t permit it they often don’t have time to attend regular classes. Thus, they miss out on being able to interact with other children in a regular social environment. They end up interacting with adults more as they move from set to set. This can be a great experience but at times it can also be inappropriate.

Being a child star can be an extremely rewarding and memorable experience. But as parents you also have to be mindful of the disadvantages so that you can help your children grow up to be responsible and disciplined adults.