Do You Think iPads Belong In The Classroom?

iPads In The Classroom Parenting Kids Today |

What do you think about iPads in the classroom? Being a parent these days is far more than providing 3 hot meals a day and a roof over their head.  In the modern society of electronics in hand at all times and technology improvements that baffle the mind we are faced with a whole new set of parenting woes.  iPads In The Classroom: Parenting Kids Today has become something most never thought they would see and many are baffled at how to handle.  While the technology of the modern world puts everything at our fingertips, is something like this truly changing the way our children are being educated in a good or bad way?  Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of parenting kids today and the now popular use of the iPad in classrooms.

iPads In The Classroom: Parenting Kids Today

Let’s look at a few of the pros and cons today of having things like iPads in the classroom.  This can help us to realize the areas we need to work more in, and the areas we need to build up with our kids.  While we can’t do away with modern technology and the advancements it is making, we can learn to adapt to having it in our classroom while keeping it safe and beneficial to their education.


  • Better access to applications for educational review
  • Ease of learning how to program, build apps and utilize technology can increase potential further career options
  • Every child having access to the best Internet assistance, research and information
  • Less cost to parents for kids electronics for school (Many schools are providing in classroom.  This removes the need for a tablet or laptop at home if work is done in a timely manner during school hours.)
  • Introduction to advanced technolgy and latest gadgetry


  • If unmonitored applications for games, messaging and distracting programs can be loaded and take time away from studies
  • Ease of communicating with each other during class time instead of paying attention to teachers
  • Exposure to adult themed material if left un monitored
  • Easier to become a cyber bully or be a victim of cyber bullying
  • Less focus on education and more focus on playtime.

As you can see the pros and cons of iPads in the classroom can sway anyone to any side.  Yet we must look at this objectively.  What can we do to make this great tool in the classroom a plus instead of a minus?  Parenting kids today can be tough, but we must stand strong and remember that sometimes rules, monitoring and revoked privileges must be a part of the program.

Suggesting to schools and teachers that monitors and controls be placed on the iPads is the first direction to go.  While messaging with each other and playing games can be great in down time, if it is happening during school hours it is defeating the initial purpose of the devices themselves.  With many programs available to protect our kids from online content and easy to monitor lock down controls, we should easily be able to make sure our kids are only doing their research and work during school hours.

Parenting kids in the modern age is an amazing adventure that we are learning and growing from ourselves.  With iPads in the classroom we can watch our children learn how to develop and create things we never dreamed being possible when we were their age.  What could be a problem, can now become a solution.  Setting up basic rules and monitoring systems can help prevent this great technology from becoming a hindrance to our kids educations.

What do you think of iPads in the classroom? Are they a benefit or a distraction?

2 thoughts on “Do You Think iPads Belong In The Classroom?”

  1. I think they have their place in the classroom. I think that IT could secure the iPads with some software that would help with things that kids aren’t supposed to access. Or you can disable the wireless all together and limit the use to the apps that are installed.

  2. Ipads are regularly used in therapy with young children to help develop fine motor skills for children that have very undeveloped hand muscles. I can see why Ipads might be a concern for teens, but as a teacher I have only seen positives using them with young children.

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