My Do-Over Moment with my family

(With my dad)

Have you ever wished to have those time machines that can get you back in the past and do-over some moments! Well I wish I had one!

My biggest do-over moment was a few years ago and it was a huge slip of a tongue with my parents. My parents live in another state. They come to visit us often to see the kids and spend some family time. Since they live pretty far, they stay for few months with us.

My dad, who loved travelling and sight-seeing, wanted to go out every night! It was a pleasure having them over but it was also exhausting and pretty expensive! On August 2004, my dad called and said:  we are coming in few weeks. I was not very happy about it. I was preparing  for my accounting designation final exams. I was not working all the summer. We had to live with one income. We were very tight on budget.  We could not afford any visit or extra cost!

But, I found it hard to tell my parents the truth. For few days, my husband and I were discussing strategies how to tell them without hurting their feeling! In the end, I was really not courageous enough to call them. My husband did. It was the biggest mistake ever! My father did not appreciate that his son-in-law announced the news.  He wished I announced it by myself. But I could not take it back. The damage was done. My parents were upset because they thought that their son-in-law did not like them. My husband was frustrated because my family did not understand what we were going through. It was a terrible situation!

Few days later, I called my parents and explained everything. They understood but they were hurt! I promised that as soon as my exams were over, they can come over for a long visit!  Unfortunately they could not do it. Few months later, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. As soon as I heard the news, I went for a visit, without the kids. I stayed for few weeks with my parents. It was as if I was living my teenage years again. They were happy to have me over and I was happy to be there for them.  I could make up for my mistake! Dad, rest in peace!

Do you have a do-over moment? Share it with us!

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7 thoughts on “My Do-Over Moment with my family”

  1. Brandy @insanemamacita

    I could use a few do over moments. Have had many moments in my life I wish I could revisit.

    But as another person said, we learn from them. That is how we grow.

  2. I agree with Cheryl. I have learned and they have to have counted for something. Someday I may know. For now, I don’t want to live with regrets so I must believe it is what it is!

  3. There are definitely some points that I would like to do over, but I guess I have learned from all of these experiences, as much as I don’t want to admit it!

  4. I wish for a few do overs. One with my dad and I not speaking for a year or two. Stupid fight and stubbornness on his side but so be it! Things will never be the same not that there was anything special in the first place..gosh I sound like a downer. LOL! Life is such :)

  5. Oh wow just one do over moment??? I have too many to list. First one is ages 13-18 I would just like to do over all those years~be good with good grades and just stay in school! Thank you for sharing with us!

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