Ways Working Moms Can Spend Quality Time with Their Young Child

Looking for ways working moms can spend more quality time with their young kids? Check out our tips to get in a little

Working mothers perhaps feel the pang of losing those constant moments with their children the most. The specter of ‘lost moments’ can sometimes occlude the parent’s ability to actually generate the kind of life long memories kids depend on for their sense of family, identity and security. When I was working in an office, I always felt guilty: guilty because I missed rehearsals, guilty because I missed their first step, guilty because I was not simply with them. Until one day, my babysitter told me: I know how you feel. Try spending quality time with them. Here are some ideas that helped me spending quality time me.

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Tips to spend quality time with young children

The best way mothers can make sure they spend quality time with their children is to first make sure that, no matter what you guys are up to, you enjoy spending time with each other. If you are comfortable around your child rather than trying to ‘cram’ all the advice, mother-henning, rules and polish, you will be more likely to make a positive impact. Kids don’t know from watershed moments- most kids will be grateful just to be included in your life, and to have time to talk about theirs to you. A relaxed grocery trip (okay maybe not that relaxing), chatting about food, memories and answering questions, can be a great memory for your kids as they grow up. My daughter and I tried to use those grocery trips as fun trips to learn about colors, shapes and just be together.

While it’s important to bring your children into your life, it’s also integral to allow you to come into theirs. Take time, even a few minutes, to interact as they play with their toys, their games, their books. It will not only show that they are as interesting to you as you are to them, it will make for something to talk about on long commutes. My son commutes for 2 hours a day. When he comes home, I make sure I listen to his day. Don’t you want someone to listen to yours too? Children too. Interacting with them, inquiring about their day is a great way to come into their life.

Mostly, try not to force quality time to happen. It is a natural progression of daily life to have a moment when two people can connect. Quality time is not an omelet, so you don’t have to break any eggs to get it. Let it come naturally, no matter how busy you are, and even through brief interactions it will be plain to see the rapport develop well. It does not happen overnight. It is trial and error. It depends on the child, your time and your common interest.

What are your tips to spend quality times with children? Tell me.

14 thoughts on “Ways Working Moms Can Spend Quality Time with Their Young Child”

  1. Great tips! Sometimes it’s OK to throw away the to-do list for a day and just hang out with your kids! Whether it’s in curled on the couch for movie night, or shoe shopping, any time is a great time to connect with your kid!

  2. I’m a work at home mom and send my daughter to school so I can work… It’s tough to juggle! I try and make it a point to do something daily with her that’s special… Like a craft… Or visit a new park…. Or go for a wagon ride

  3. These are great tips. We have to find times to make moments with our kids naturally. They really are there, we just need to know where to look. It’s not difficult, we just need to slow down sometimes and enjoy life.

  4. While we don’t yet have kids, we hope to someday. This is a great, thoughtful post about some questions and actions to consider. I am evernoting this.
    When I was growing up, it was very much a ‘you’re a kid, but you need to live in our adult world’ and I think there should have been more sharing, if that makes sense.
    You definitely nailed it on the content of this post!

  5. This is great. My mom worked a full-time job, but I was lucky enough to find ways to spend time with her. Our favorite was when she would let me help cook or when I got to help her straighten papers!

  6. These are wonderful tips. My close friend is having a really hard time leaving her 2 kids (she has 2 under 2) to go to work right now. She is even thinking of trying to go part time. I will pass this along to her.

  7. I remember snippets of things from back when I was little and Mom was able to stay home with me, but it’s not like I remember every day of all those years. Which is to say, if you make the effort to be present when you can–even if it’s just at meal times or bath/bed routines–the child will probably remember just as much.

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