Tips for Traveling the Neighborhood on Foot with Tots in Tow

Looking for parenting tips for traveling on food with kids? Check out our ideas to have you cruising around the neighborhood all summer long in bliss!

During a chat with other moms, one brought up a great question: how do you travel on foot around the neighborhood all summer long with two kids in tow? She said she loved walking in the warm weather, especially since it’s such a great family fitness activity, but it can be a little hard with tots. We, of course, saw this as a challenge and came up with some great tips for traveling on foot with tots in tow!

Summer is here, which means you’re going to want to get out of the house. Walking around the neighborhood is a great way to do this, but traveling on foot can be a little tricky to do if you have multiple kids. With a little bit of planning and the right equipment, you and your tots can enjoy a pleasant walk around the neighborhood.

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 Traveling on Foot: Tips for Parents with Kids

Use a Stroller

If you want to get out this summer, then make sure you have a stroller you can use for your kids. If you have a younger and older child, then you might want to invest in a stroller that allows your older child to stand up or sit down. These transformable strollers allows you to use the same stroller as your child continues to grow, which makes traveling on foot easier than ever with all your tots in tow.

Let Your Child Ride a Bike

If you don’t have a stroller large enough for your older child, you might want to let your older child ride a bike. If you decide to do this, start with short walks so that you can test your child’s stamina. If you plan too long of a walk and your child tires out, you might be stuck carrying a kid while trying to pull the bike along.

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Be Smart & Plan Your Route

If you want to take a longer trip with your children around the neighborhood, be smart and plan your route. If there’s a park in your neighborhood, you can make that your halfway point, giving you and your kids a fun break before heading home. You might also want to make sure that you have a few friendly home’s planned into your route. This is especially convenient if your child needs to use the restroom or if you need a break. You can stop at your neighbor’s house and take care of any needs.

Use a Wagon

Another great way to get around the neighborhood with tots in tow is to invest in a (Affiliate links) wagon that has seating for multi-aged children. Many wagons come equipped with seatbelts so that you can fasten your younger children in without fearing they’ll fall out. You can also make use of any storage space in a wagon and bring a picnic or quick snack on your walk.

Don’t be afraid to get out and travel the neighborhood this summer. Although it can be difficult to do with multiple children, it is possible and everyone will enjoy the fresh air.

What are your tips for traveling the neighborhood on foot with tots in tow?

12 thoughts on “Tips for Traveling the Neighborhood on Foot with Tots in Tow”

  1. Wagons can be a lot of work for me but a lot of fun for them. I do love my stroller though. It swivels so easily and very light weight. Much better than waiting around for him to catch up with me while he walks. And safer too!

  2. These are awesome tips! Bringing a stroller is a must when you have small kids because you don’t want to end up carrying your child when he or she gets tired.

  3. My dad used to put my brother on the seat in back of his bike and me on the handle bars. This worked great most of the time, except the day I got my foot in the spokes and we all crashed lol. Well, it was one of his “half baked” ideas what can we say?

  4. Great tips! I remember when my daughter was 3 and we went to New Orleans. At the end of the day she just kept saying “I can’t walk anymore my legs are broken.” It was pretty funny, but they do need a lot of breaks.

  5. I let the kids ride bikes next to me when they’re little on the running trail and they just love it. It’s a fun way to get everyone out and about.

  6. We live in Brooklyn, and everyone walks everywhere. My three year old loves walking or riding in his wagon with his brother who I usually carry in a sling. We have a double stroller, but since restaurants and shops tend to be smaller here I hardly use it. A big thing here are scooters. Tiny tots, barely old enough to walk zip expertly down city streets. I’m too scared to let my little one ride bc I’m afraid he’ll roll right into traffic!

  7. I think having something there for them to get in when they’re tired (like a wagon or a stroller) is brilliant. Kids love exploring on foot, but when they’re done, they’re done.

  8. These are valuable tips and resources. I don’t have to stress about this quite as much now that my kids are older, and when they were younger I didn’t go around as much because of their size. I could have benefited from these tips then.

  9. We love walking! It was the only way I had to get around when the kids were little. We went through two double strollers, about three wagons, and numerous single strollers. All totally worth it though, lol!

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