From the Mouths of Babes: Lovely Things Children Say

Kids say the sweetest things sometimes! Check out these lovely things children say for a great dose of parenting humor!

One thing about kids (especially young ones), they say what they think. What parent hasn’t cringed in embarrassment when their child has blurted out something true, yet inappropriate? A favorite family story is from several years ago, when my daughter patted her grandpa’s belly, looked up at him sweetly, and said, “Baby?” At least we know she was paying attention when we explained why my belly grew with her brother!

Since we cannot control what our kids say, it is even that much more endearing when unprompted they say something truly lovely. I compiled a list from various sources to give you the best of the best. Enjoy (and grab a tissue!).

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Lovely Things Children Say

  1. “Sis, I wish I had the umbrella Mom gave me. Then I can stop the raining on your cheeks.”
  2. “Duh! Home” – 6-year-old, in response to being asked his favorite place in the world.
  3. “You can have one if you’d like.” – 4 year old, offering one of his remaining two candies to an adult. (Okay, this is from my son, and he was talking to my coworker. One of the proudest moments of my life!)
  4. “Well, you’re my best friend, Mommy.” – 6 year old, after being told she could invite her best friend to a movie for her birthday.
  5. “His name is Hope. Now you have hope.” – 9 year old, gifting a Beanie Baby to his cousin who had just lost her father.
  6. “Dad, you’re like a fun toy. You’ll never get old.” – responding to a conversation about people getting older.
  7. “Maybe someone like you is coming to visit.” – a boy to his aunt, after she wondered why two young girls came excitedly running out of their house when a car pulled into their driveway.
  8. “There’s always the sad under the mad. What’s your sad, Mummy?” – 3 year old, questioning why his mother was upset.
  9. “No, Dad. I don’t miss him. Because he’s in my heart.” – 4 year old, after the death of the family dog.
  10. “Is it okay if I look after you a bit?” – 5 year old to another 5 year old who was crying.
  11. “I didn’t want to get mad at him because he was already mad at himself, and that’s why he was being mean.” – 6 year old, telling his mom about a boy at school who was picking on other kids at recess.
  12. “Mum, when I was at school, some beating sounds told me that I miss my mum. “ [Mum asked “What beating sounds.] “The ones in my heart.”
  13. “Mummy, Daddy, happy.” – 3 year old with communication delays, during a bath with his brother.
  14. “Mama, I made a new word to describe your face. I call it prettyful.”
  15. “Mom and Dad, I’m sorry. Come forgive me” – 18 month old, after 2 hours of crying during sleep training.
  16. “It will be wonderful because it IS wonderful – 2 year old, regarding the LEGO tower she was building.
  17. “The most beautiful thing I saw was Daddy’s face.” – 8 year old, after a journey from India to the US.
  18. “When I get big, I’ll go to work so you can stay home and be with my sister.” – 3-year-old brother of a sister with special needs.
  19. “She’ll always be my sister because we understand each other’s minds and hearts.” – a child commenting on how he and his sister have a different father.
  20. “You are a good mom. You are the best and most beautiful mommy.”

What is the loveliest thing a child has said to you? Tell us in the comments!

12 thoughts on “From the Mouths of Babes: Lovely Things Children Say”

  1. These are just too cute. I can remember when my daughter used to say cute things like this. I think my favorite thing she said was, “Mommy, I feel faint” when she was sick. Complete with forearm across her forehead.

  2. Kids are the best. This week my son looked up at me and my new shorter haircut and said, “That’s what you call beautiful hair.”

  3. These are really sweet thoughts from little kids! I love it when my daughter says “You’re the best mom ever!” :D

  4. Those are all so sweet! My heart melts when my girls say nice things to each other when they think nobody else is listening.

  5. Myrah Falco Duque

    Children are so unpredictable and innocent.If it weren’t for those great moments, where would we be? Great memories.

  6. Children are so innocent and always say the sweetest things. My kids have certainly had their moments of random kindness.

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