Benefits Of Letting Your Child Win An Argument

Benefits Of Letting Your Child Win An Argument

You may think that this is against everything you have ever believed as a parent, but let us explain to you what are the Benefits Of Letting Your Child Win An Argument.  Not only will we be helping you learn how to successful let them win, but also how to do so without truly losing in the exchange.  Arguments don’t have to be volatile situations.  They can simply be disagreements that you allow your child to talk through and win.


What are the benefits?

  • Building self esteem
  • Teaching good discussion and debate skills.
  • Giving them a sense of control in their lives.
  • Showing them arguments don’t have to include yelling or violence.
  • Helping them think logically about their desires and choices.

When should I let them win? 

  • When you are comfortable with their choice
  • When they are behaving maturely and making a valid argument
  • When their self esteem could use a boost

A great example of an argument you should allow your child to win, is when you are dealing with a picky eater. While you don’t want to give them control over every little thing in their life, you do want them to feel like they are respected and valued.  When they refuse eating the broccoli at dinner and you demand they eat their vegetables, you could lead the argument away from specifics and into the direction of “what vegetable would you eat”.  Allowing them to win the argument of broccoli, but choose a different more savory for them vegetable would be a perfect opportunity.

When should I not let them win?

  • When their choice isn’t safe
  • When they are acting out of anger and not being mature or logical.
  • When they are just arguing for the sake of arguing with you.
  • When yelling or violent, aggressive words are being used.

The benefits to letting your child win an argument are many.  Using this as a chance to parent in a way that shows them how to debate on a mature level instead of just as a way to get their way is a perfect way to help them grow.  Parenting choices are made every day and can be so tough to know how to deal with.  Spending the time to teach your children how debate and arguments don’t have to be bad things will help them have successful business and personal relationships n the future .

What benefits of letting your child win an argument do you think are the best? Do you let your child win every now and then?

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  1. Great post topic. Now that my daughter is 7 (in a few months she’ll be 8) my whole parenting approach is changing. Depends on the argument, but if it is a silly one, I try to let her win. As the parent/grown-up it’s important to not care about winning an argument for the sake of winning. Building her confidence is top priority.

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