Stylish & Comfortable Front And Back Carriers For Toddlers

Looking for front and back carries for toddlers that will let you carry your little one in comfort and style? Check out a few of our favorite solutions!

Baby wearing is becoming a more and more popular option for parents.  It offers a hands-free way to cart your little one around. Baby wearing makes things like going for walks and family outings a little easier when you do not have to push a stroller around. There are so many options available.  Front carriers, back carriers, wraps and they come in all different price ranges.  Read below for some range of options for front and back carriers for toddlers.

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 Front And Back Carriers For Toddlers

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Stylish & Comfortable Front And Back Carriers For Toddlers

Ergobaby: A very versatile carrier, it can be worn on the front, back and the side.  It is a great and sturdy carrier that will get you through toddlerhood.  You can go directly to their website at to shop around.  Target also sells these carriers for toddlers, as well as Bed, Bath & Beyond.    You can also see what Amazon has to offer.  Ergobaby carriers are priced at about $120.

 Britax: This is a front carrier.  The focus is not only on your child’s comfort, but also on your back and shoulders.  It boasts lots of padding for your comfort.  It is also strong enough to carry a toddler up to 32 pounds.  You can browse their website at or chcek your nearest Kohl’s for their selection.  Britax carriers are also sold on Amazon.  Priced at about $130.

Stylish & Comfortable Front And Back Carriers For Toddlers

Moby Wrap: Less structured than the typical carriers for toddlers, this is made up of one long piece of fabric, with multiple different ways to wear your child.  It can seem a bit overwhelming or confusing, but rest assured there are instructions and you can always check out YouTube for helpful videos on how to wrap your child comfortably.  Browse the website at for all their fabric selections and how to wear.  Babies R Us is also a retailer of the Moby Wrap.   And as always, check out Amazon.  Moby wraps are priced at about $50.

Infantino Wrap: This one is for those of you who want a wrap, but the idea of tying it is a little overwhelming.  A versatile carrier with 4 different positions for comfort.  Check out Infantino’s other carrier selections at  Amazon also has a huge selection as well.  This wrap is more affordable, priced at about $35.

Mamas and Papas Morph Pod Harness: You get 2-for-1 with this purchase, a small harness and a big harness!  One for Mom and one for Dad.  This carrier is made of more sturdy material than others, offering amazing head support for your child.  Their website, can give you more details and pictures.  This option is more pricey at $140, but you do get 2 harnesses.

 Stylish & Comfortable Front And Back Carriers For Toddlers

Tula Toddler Carrier: A versatile front and back carrier that will get you from 25-50 pounds.  They offer an array of fabric designs and carrier options.  Their website is easy to navigate and shows how each carrier works.  These carriers are a bit costly than other options starting at $149.  Shipping is free in the US! Check them out on Amazon too.

BECO Carrier:  This is a versatile carrier, allowing you to wear your baby in the front, off to the side and the back.  They offer colorful fabric options and quality material.  They are a newer company, founded in 2005.  They tend to be on the pricey side compared to some other options, starting at $130.  You can check out all the specs at
There are so many more options carriers for toddlers!  This was just a small list I compiled to give you an idea of what your options are and different price ranges.  Ultimately you need to go with what you are comfortable with.

Have you ever used carriers for toddlers?  What was important to you when choosing one?  Post your comments below!

6 thoughts on “Stylish & Comfortable Front And Back Carriers For Toddlers”

  1. The only child I carried like this was my youngest and I loved it (and so did he). I wish I would have done it with all for of them!

  2. Seems like a clever idea.But what happens when they start whomping you on the head? Then where can you put them until they calm down? I know toddlers can erm, express themselves in interesting ways.

  3. I love my Ergo for my tot- we back carry. For my newbie, at 5 months, she’s still in the Moby and Ergo and Bjorn and Infantino- but the only one that hubby is comfotable with is the Infantino. I think I want a Tula for when she is older… but, clearly, I have a carrier obsession. I am waiting a few more weeks before we try the sling- but that may be the new go-to for dinner time carrying! She’s getting too big for the front near the stove!

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