11 Silly Ways to Be a More Playful Parent

We should all become a more playful parent. It’s so easy to get caught up in the business of our daily lives. Things like work, household management, and other doings can suck up our time and our energy.

11 Silly Ways to Be a More Playful Parent

Playing with our children is not only beneficial to their development, but it can melt away our own stresses – it’s pretty difficult to be “down” when you’re singing a bouncy song.

In this post, we’ll reveal 11 silly ways to be a more playful parent; let your inner kid shine through.

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#1 – Be a More Active Playful Parent

Don’t wait for a coach to teach your child to dribble or hit a ball, be proactive in the physical fitness department and do it yourself. Getting our blood pumping with our kids is not only a fantastic method for keeping those unwanted pounds at bay, but we’re also setting a healthy example for the whole family.

Other methods of active play are;

  • Tag
  • Duck, Duck, Goose
  • Frisbee
  • Hula Hoop
  • Skip Rope
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

#2 – Use Horse Play to be More Playful

Physical activity doesn’t have to be in the form of an organized sport. Picking up our kids and twirling them around, giving them a piggy-back ride, or even playfully tossing them onto the bed are all great activities to get the blood (and fun) pumping.

#3 – Make Chores Fun

Who says doing chores can’t be fun? Loads of bubbles, warm water, and a big soapy sponge can be turned into the perfect way to wash the car. If a vehicle is too daunting for a little one, let them use the same tools to wash their bike, a wagon, or their plastic toys. Add in a squirty hose and your warm afternoon just turned into a “cool” day.

#4 – Running Errands Made Fun

Forget about the dvd’s or iPad in the car. Use this time with the kids to be super silly. Roll the windows down and let the kids bark like a dog while the wind blows through their hair. Sure, you may get some strange looks from the neighboring traffic, but at least your kids are having a blast.

#5 – Sing-a-Longs

I must admit, there are some children’s songs that just grate on my nerves. If you’re the same, then tune into your silly side and make up some of your own. These can be based on whatever you and your kids are doing at the moment (chores, dressing, cooking). Not musical? Pick the tune from an old favorite and add in your own words.

#6 – Make a Funny Face Contest

Prompt your kids to make a funny face. Choose the best and email them to a family member, or print them out and use them for a homemade greeting card.

#7 – Lie and Look at the Sky

Remember as a child when we would just lie on the grass and look at the sky? Incorporate this ole-fashioned fun on a sunny day with your kids. Encourage them to use their imagination by distinguishing shapes or animals in the clouds. This can also be done at night for stargazing.

#8 – Pretend Away the Day

With all our technology, kids can lose their ability to pretend. Get back to this basic by setting a theme to pretend by. Whether that be castles and dragons or being on a farm, let your kids whisk their imagination away to wherever it wants to go.

#9 – Build a Fort

From pillows to blankets to boxes, building a fort with your child is a great starting off point to a day of fun. Once your “shelter” is constructed, have a snack, read a book or host a tea party to really dig into the festivities.

#10 – Play Dress Up

Got some old clothes? Then pile them up for a day of dress up. Let your kids create a whimsical look, then snap a photo. If you’re really feeling spunky, take your kid out for a “coffee” so they can show the world their new style.

#11 – Be a Foodie

Some of my favorite television programs are the kids baking and cooking challenges. These little tykes aren’t afraid of digging into complicated recipes to turn out a delicious goodie. Try this with your children by getting them involved in the process of making a family-favorite recipe. If you’re not worried about a little mess, let your kids flip a pancake without using a spatula. Who knows? You might have the next young chef champion in your own kitchen.

Be in the Moment

Whether you’re out playing in the yard, building a fort out of pillows, or creating some silly fun while doing chores, being in the moment with your children is key to building lasting memories.

Do you have a silly game or activity you like to do with your children? Then drop us a line in the comments section. We love to hear from our readers.

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