The Kids Are Watching–Hopefully Not Your Road Rage

The Kids Are Watching--Hopefully Not Your Road Rage

by:  Rita Duponty

It’s a fact that our children learn by example.  We would like to think that they only imitate our good habits.  Unfortunately, they will and do pick up our bad habits.  What about your driving habits?  Despite the traffic situation, are you a safe driver, composed and calm most of the time?  Or, do you at times lose it, get mad, and yes exhibit road rage?  Remember, your children are watching!

Some of your children will be driving in a few short years, or are already there.  No doubt driver’s educational class is a priority for them.  They will learn all the right rules and safety procedures in class.  However, there may be some bad habits they pick up from you.

Last year in the United States there occurred a little over 32,000 fatalities as a result of automobile  accidents.  According to an update by the American Auto Association, 56% of the accidents involved some form of road rage.  Road rage is serious.  Do you let other driver’s get under your skin?  Do you tailgate?  Do you speed when you are angry?  Do you get really upset when a driver cuts you off?  Or, do you cut people off?   Do you assume the other driver’s error was intentional and not a mistake?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then here are some things you may be unknowingly teaching your children:

  • Lack of patience.
  • It’s okay to break the law.
  • Your wants as a driver are more important than the safety
    of others.
  • It’s alright to react to the other driver in a negative manner.
  • Driving when angry is okay.
  • Other drivers shouldn’t make any mistakes.
  • As an adult, you are a perfect driver that doesn’t make any
    mistakes when driving.

Road rage can result in injury and tragedy.  Also let your children know that texting and using the cell phone while driving not only can result in an accident but can also trigger another driver’s road rage.  Show by your good example as a courteous driver that you obey the law, are in control, patient, and a safe driver.  Hopefully, by your good example your children will not become aggressive drivers or victims of road rage.









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  1. Having kids has definitely cut down on my road rage… or at least showing it. I think I’ve been known to shout out “GO!” if a car is stopping at a green light or something, but I sure would have said more before I had little impressionable passengers with me! This article is a really good reminder, though!

    Thanks so much for joining us for Friendly Friday! Have a great weekend!

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