5 Fun Yet Peaceful Quiet Time Activities for Toddlers

Looking for quiet time activities for toddlers? Check out a few of our favorites that will give you a break while engaging little minds!

If you are looking for some quiet time activities for toddlers, you have stopped in the right place!  It’s fun to watch your child learn on his own, and discover new things.  I am always looking for new things to have my toddler do for fun, quiet time activities for those times I just can’t be on the floor with him. Check out a few fun ideas!

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Quiet Time Activities for Toddlers

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Button trees

These are super simple to create and put in a bin to pull out when you need some quiet time yet you can still closely supervise your tot (don’t leave them alone with small buttons).   A few brown pipe cleaners and a bunch of loose buttons.  Twist the pipe cleaners together to create the trunk and then just manipulate the ‘branches’.  It should resemble a scary looking tree you see around Halloween.  Make sure you get buttons that will fit onto the pipe cleaners, or this quiet time activity won’t be so quiet! You can also draw a base and let them decorate the branches by gluing the buttons in place, like the Instagramer below did.  


Paint with water

You might be thinking ‘This chic is nuts!’  Hear me out.  Take the plastic doll house out, give him a little cup of water and paint brush and tell him to paint the house!  He’s got to get everything now, can’t have any holidays when you paint a house.  You also might want to place a towel underneath the house to catch the ‘paint’ that will likely drip.  Don’t think because he is a boy that he can’t paint a doll house! 

Put her to work

My daughter used to love to ‘clean’ all of her toys.  I would give her a wet rag and she would happily go about cleaning all of her toys, the bigger ones.  It kept her quiet and busy for a while!  It was also helpful.  She did a pretty good job!


I mean, unless they are wooden and crash to the floor after he has built his giant skyscraper, it’s a fairly quiet activity that will keep him entertained for a while.  There are so many things he can do with blocks!  He can sort by color, size, shape, and of course build whatever his creative mind can think of. Large plastic blocks, like Mega Bloks and Duplo, are pretty quiet. If you really need more silence, invest in a set of fabric-covered blocks. Or make your own! 

Cardboard beading

I know you are thinking ‘What is she talking about?’  Save your toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls.  Paint them different colors and collect some rope or thick string and let her string them on.  She will look super cute walking around the house with a huge necklace.  She might even make one for you too!

It is a good thing to have quiet activities for toddlers to do on their own! We all need a break sometimes right?  Don’t we want to raise smart and independent children as well?  Giving your child some quiet time activities is beneficial to his learning (I might even go so far as to say crucial!)

What sort of quiet time activities for toddlers have you had your child do?  Share your ideas with us below in the comments!

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