Tips To Keep Kids Active After School Starts

Keep Kids Active during the fall

Kids often have an interesting time during the summer. But, once the school starts kids often feel bored as the pressure from school work keeps them away from sports or they cannot find time to play with friends. If this continues then their grades may also drop down. It is important to keep kids active after the school year starts, although it can be more challenging than it was during the summer months.

Tips to keep kids active after school starts.

  • Concentrate on age specific activitiess: The activities you try to involve the kid should be age specific. For example, preschoolers should be involved in activities such as hopping, kicking the ball, dancing, running and other activities that help them develop the basic skills. School age children can be involved in team sports such as football, basketball depending on their desire, ability and health condition.
  • Make it a family event: If the child is not showing interest to take part in physical activities alone then parents should take the initiative. Parents should play along with the kids and be a role model by practicing workouts. If the child loves team sports then parents should volunteer to coach the child’s team. This would not only develop interest in the kid towards sports but would also develop good relationship with the parent. Plus, it’s easier to keep kids active if everyone is involved!
  • Plan well: If the busy school schedule does not let him to spare time for physical activity then the kid can be made to stay active in different ways. For example walking him to the school, allowing him to play for a while at school before returning home or plan for an activity class in the evening. Activities such as swimming, basketball, football not only support the physical growth but also mental growth of the child. Your child learns to make new friends and will also be very self-confident. Not all kids love to stick to a strict schedule. So, make sure to keep it fun in a way the child loves to enjoy.
  • Don’t push the child: Keeping kids active shouldn’t involve stressing them out.  If the child is reluctant to take part in any activity then motivate him to make friendship with children involved in such activities, spend time along with them and find out the cause for unwillingness. Make efforts to eliminate the cause and the child will definitely start to rock. In trying to motivate the child do not compare him/her with friends. It would only depress them.

In fact, working to keep kids active daily reduces the risk of childhood obesity and diseases such as type 2 diabetes. A physically active kid exhibits good overall growth, health and performs well at school.

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  1. Those are great tips. Thankfully my boys enjoy playing outside and we have a nice neighborhood where they can go play outside without me standing right next to them. I let them go outside once their reading homework is done each day and play for as long as they can stand the cold. They run around, jump on the trampoline, ride their bikes or scooters, or throw around a ball. Also, thankfully our school sees the importance of physical activity and they have a new P.E. program in the school to help with this.

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