How to Energize the Easy Way

Do you need to energize?  Pounding the pavement looking for work, running errands for the family, or the everyday grind at work may be draining your energy.  Now is the time to jump off that wagon of fatigue.  Try these simple and easy ways to raise your level of energy:

  • Red and Violet Colors – Red and violet colors increase adrenaline which in turn helps raise your energy level. According to a British study, Olympian athletes who wore red uniforms significantly scored more wins than those teams that wore blue uniforms. The color red when used in the office or entryway will also energize.  However, beware of using the color wherever you may want to relax.  Do not use these colors in your kitchen since they may increase your appetite.
  • Deep Breathing Techniques – Don’t be a skeptic.  Deep breathing from the diaphragm can energize and also relax you.  Most of us are shallow breathers.  Proper breathing techniques will supply your body more oxygen.  Check out some of the suggested techniques at Breathe.  I’ve personally tried deep breathing techniques.  They really work.
  • Surround yourself with plants and fresh flowers.  Energize with the oxygen naturally given off by plants.  According to Harvard Research, fresh flowers have also been known to energize when they are placed throughout the home.  Don’t use artificial flowers, they’ll have the opposite effect.
  • Try Juicing to Energize – Since food takes time to break down in your system, try juicing.  Juice from raw vegetables and fruits will enter your bloodstream very quickly.  Don’t take a shortcut though and get the pre-packaged juices in the supermarket; it’s just not as effective.
  • Take a daily mini-nap – Napping should be no longer than 20 or 30 minutes at the most.  A daily nap can do wonders for your energy.  Spain and other South American countries have already figured this out.  An early afternoon nap is ideal.   I also heard that having a cup of coffee and sugar before napping may result in more energy.  While your napping the coffee and sugar is suppose to be absorbed by the body resulting in more energy after your nap.  This sounds like something a coffee drinker might enjoy trying.

There are many ways to energize.  These are five easy things that can create a more energized environment or that will energize your body to help get that pep back in your step.  If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, by all means see your personal physician.  However, if you are just feeling a slump in your energy now and then, try one or all of these simple and easy how to energize ideas.  You don’t need to prove you are the Energizer Bunny.  Next time you feel your energy is declining, apply one of the how to energize tips above and get a movin’.



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