Family night: 3 fun things to do with kids

Families should always have a designated family night – that one night during the week when all electronic devices are banned from the mix. That’s right. This means no TV sets, no computers, no mobile phones, no iPods and no handheld video games. On this night of the week, your family can just eat together and play card games and board games . Here are some fun things to do with kids at home
Family night

3 Fun things to do with kids at home

1. Play a different variation of hopscotch.

This easy game is great for kids and very fun to do. Draw a hopscotch grid and introduce the game to your children in case they don’t know it yet. Once they have mastered the game, you can start getting creative.

To start, change some of the sizes and shapes on your hopscotch grid. All you have to do is draw the usual squares of hopscotch and place them far enough apart, so that your kids really have to jump in order to reach them.

Another way to change the game would be to have your kids face backwards as they jump on the grid. Just be as creative as possible. If you want to get your kids more involved, you can even ask them to invent new rules to spice up the game.

2. Put a recipe book together

If your family loves to cook or bake together, this can definitely be fun things to do with kids. Just choose your family favorites and make a book of recipes together. Take photos of every dish as you make it, add it into your book, and make up names for each dish as a family.

Family cooking
You can either copy recipes onto paper and glue them into a scrapbook or place pieces of scrapbook paper into plastic sheets. By combining this activity with scrapbooking, you are sure to end up with a memorable recipe book that you can then pass down from generation to generation.
3. Send each other secret messages.

If your family loves Phineas and Ferb or James Bond, then secret messages will be a fun thing to do for you and your kids. You have two choices here: use secret codes or invisible ink. Challenge each other to create secret codes and write certain messages with them as you try to decipher each of them.
Girls playing
To make invisible ink, on the other hand, just use lemon juice and paper. Dissolve some lemon juice into water and use cotton swabs to write on regular paper. After the juice dries up, the message will become invisible and you will have to hold the paper up against the light to read the message. Fun, huh? Try it!

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