How To Get Siblings To Actually Go to Sleep in the Same Room


Need parenting tips on getting two kids to actually go to sleep in the same room? You’re not alone! We saw this question pop up on our Facebook Page. Bedtime can be one of the most stressful times of the day for some parents.  Getting one child to sleep can be a task in itself, but what if you have two, and right around the same age?  To add to all the fun, they have to share a room!  It is not impossible.  Here are a few parenting tips to try in order to get your kids to sleep and keep your insanity when they have to share a room.

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Parenting Tips: Getting two kids to actually go to sleep in the same room

Sleep schedule:

This is probably one of the most important parenting tips ever for getting any child to sleep, including siblings in the same room. A schedule is important to stick to, and not just for the kids’ sake!  For your own sanity as well.  It is important to have steps that need to be accomplished leading up to bedtime.  For example, quiet time, brush teeth, change clothes, read a book in bed (or together on the couch) and lights out.  Whatever order and tasks you choose is up to you, but let the kids know what they are, and stick to it.


Try playing classical or soft music in their room.  Whether its from Pandora, radio or CD, soft music can help in getting children to sleep. It can also help distract them so they don’t end up talking to each other all night.

Stop the stimulation:

An hour before bedtime, turn off the TV, the tablets and other electronics.  Set the precedence for quiet time and bedtime.

Create a chart:

Get them involved in preparation for bedtime!  Kids do really well with schedules and knowing what to expect next.  Pinterest is great for helping get ideas for this.  You can use a cookie sheet and make it magnetic.

Calendar and stickers:

Get a calendar for them and let them pick their own stickers.  If they can follow the rules, and stay in bed quietly at bedtime and not stay up talking and giggling, they get to put a sticker on the calendar for the night before.  At the end of the week, if they have been quiet in bed each night, they get to choose a prize from a bin or do something fun (ice cream, park, or something like that).  Let them know ahead of time the fun thing they will get to do, so they have something to strive for.

Earlier bedtime:

Sending them to bed about 30 minutes prior to lights out will allow them this time together to giggle and laugh and talk.  They should be in their beds, but giving them the ok to have a little time before lights out might help to minimize and eventually eliminate the chatting in the dark.

It may seem impossible right now, but try to implement some of these parenting tips.  No one wants to end their day or go to bed stressed out.  Talk to your kids, prepare them, let them know the expectations.

Have you tried some other tactics that have worked to get your kids to sleep when they share a room?  Share your parenting tips with us in the comments!

14 thoughts on “How To Get Siblings To Actually Go to Sleep in the Same Room”

  1. Stephanie Larison

    Great advice! I have 2 girls, one still sleeps with us since she’s a newborn. Some day they’ll be together and I worry about how that’ll go.

  2. great tips. i’m lucky and both my girls sleep very well and don’t have issues getting them down. I will share this with a few friends though.

  3. My girls sleep in the same room. Not because they have to but that is what they have chosen so I let them. I grew up sleeping in the same room as my sister and loved it. I agree about the soft music. My oldest has Violet puppy who plays ten minutes of bedtime music. First we pray then I hold my oldest’s hand and rub my youngest’s back for about 15 minutes and they are asleep. I love the tip about sending them to bed a little earlier so they can giggle and talk. I don’t do that but I plan to start. I know they would love it!!

  4. I haven’t had to deal with two kids going to bed in the same room, but you offer good tips. I can imagine that having two children in the same room could be a distraction when it comes time to going to bed, so having unwind time sounds like great advice.

  5. These are awesome ideas! Our boys had to move in together when our daughter was born. They’re older now, of course, and they have the best conversations late at night when they think no one is listening ;-). I love that they’ve grown so close. That would never have happened if they hadn’t had to share a room.

  6. Oh I’ve never had to do that, just having 1 kid that’s gotta go down is a challenge enough sometimes! Your tips sound reasonable though and I’m all for keeping to a schedule!

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