12 Guilty Kids Who Just Can’t Hide It

These 12 pics of guilty kids who just can’t hide it have me cracking up! I can totally relate to #7! Which is your favorite?

Need a laugh? You have to check out these 12 guilty kids who just can’t hide it! Have you ever noticed how kids and pets share one thing in common? Neither one are good at hiding their guilt! When a kid is guilty, you can easily tell by the look on his/her face that something isn’t quite right! These looks are often quite hilarious and result in some pretty funny pictures. Despite their guilt, it’s so hard to stay mad at a kid for too long. They are just so cute and lovable, which makes it easy to forgive them! Here are 12 guilty kids who you can’t help but smile at!

Guilty Kids Who Just Can’t Hide It!

1. When you get caught eating chocolate! Not that we blame her. Chocolate is pure amazingness!

2. A mascara nightmare! Watch this kid turn into the next world-known makeup artist.

3. Sometimes the blueberry muffins just have to be eaten. Hopefully those wrappers added a little fiber to his meal!

4. The face you give when you know you did wrong, but you’re trying to smile through it But really, look at that smile. Too cute!

5. The ultimate double-dipper Nothing like a little hummus mixed with some drool!


6. This little girl is hoping no one notices the cup-shaped bulge under her shirt Let’s not mention the lack of pants!

7. This is what happen when kids are silent! Lesson: don’t trust a kid that’s too quiet for too long.

8. Just making sure the dog food is safe Kids have an odd fascination with food, just not their own!

9. Talk about presenting the evidence! This is what happens when you know there’s no getting out of this one. Admit defeat!

10. When everyone in the family is guilty As a parent you want to be mad at this picture but it’s impossible!


11. This tiny tot absolutely was NOT sticking play forks in the toilet. Nope! Not at all!


12. This little guy was NOT trying to ride his stuffed puppy! Nope.


Have you ever caught your kid after he/she did something wrong? Do you have a favorite pictures of your guilty kids? Tell us about it!

3 thoughts on “12 Guilty Kids Who Just Can’t Hide It”

  1. These are so cute! I was one of those, well I still am, that can’t hide a guilty face. And the kids wonder how “we know” :)

  2. I literally laughed my way through your post. Especially the photo from andreea.d.ionescu! How cute with everybody (and the dog) all lined up. I hope she saved that one, it’ll go down in family history x

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