5 Things I Sacrifice As a Mom

Being a mom is incredibly rewarding, but it definitely comes with sacrifices. Here are 5 things I sacrifice as a mom. Can you relate?
There is nothing more wonderful, joyful, satisfying, amazing, rewarding and as awesome as being a mom.  At the same time, there is nothing quite so emotionally exhausting; physically taxing; and just plain complicated as the feelings that come along with motherhood.  I believe it literally is one of the hardest jobs in the world, and every mom makes sacrifices for her children.  Here are some of the things I  sacrifice as a mom that I bet you can relate to!

Things I Sacrifice as a Mom

I Put My Family First

As all mothers do, my needs are always at the bottom of the list.  Sometimes I might find myself resentful of it, but for the most part I actually kind of enjoy making sure that everyone else in the house is doing OK.  Kind of like an all-seeing mama bear inspecting her brood.  But with slightly less body hair.

I Am Tired


This one is pretty obvious, and I think it’s safe to say that all mothers are pretty much exhausted and running on empty all of the time.  Luckily, with the help of my best friend Caffeine, I am able to make it through without falling asleep at the wheel on my almost daily Costco runs or while battling Lex Luthor in the basement.

Personal Space Doesn’t Exist

My four year old has been pretty adamant lately about having some privacy when he goes to the washroom.  The first time he asked me for it, I literally laughed in his face.  This coming from the same little boy who crawls into my lap when I tell him that I need fifteen minutes to write on the laptop; the same boy who has been known to crawl into my lap when I’m in the washroom myself; the same kid who wants to wrap himself around my legs when I’m trying on my first new pair of sneakers in three years.  Whenever my little guy doesn’t give me any space, I take a deep breath and remind myself that there will come a day in the not too distant future when he may not want anything to do with me.  And then I’m so going to wish he was all up in my space!


My Ears Hurt

Quiet time doesn’t exist in my house, unless it’s bedtime and I’m enjoying a cup of tea before I head up to bed myself.  Every day, there is a constant hum of noise in the house, be it: background TV; loud signing; laughing; screaming; crying; battleground sounds of ninja play; the dog barking; etc..  Yet I know there will most certainly come a time when I’ll miss the cacophony of my son’s childhood.

My Immune System Has Taken A Beating

There are nights when my little guy is sick that I’ve stayed up rocking him, and cuddling him and trying to get him to feel better, just as all moms do. Just this week, my son had a bad cold so I slept in his bed to comfort him, getting kicked, and coughed and sneezed on all night.  Needless to say, I have felt some degree of under the weather for the better part of the fall.  But again, when my son is a bit older, he is certainly not going to want his mommy in his bed to comfort him – so I will take those sniffly cuddles while I can.


As hard as the day can seem sometimes, and as overwhelmed as moms can feel it’s important to try to remember that every encouraging word we say to our children; every hug; every kind word; every kiss; and every time we make time for our children will be the most cherished of times for both you and your child.

We are making a difference in our children’s lives every day.  I’m pretty sure that my son won’t remember the time I lost my patience when it took him forty-five minutes to eat his supper.  Yet I know that he will always remember the unconditional love and support that he felt from his mama.   All that we sacrifice as moms is out of the deepest and most primal love imaginable… which I guess isn’t really a sacrifice at all.

Can you relate to these things I sacrifice as a mom? Share your own sacrifices and things you miss below!

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