Finding The Right Preschool For Your Child At La Petite Academy

Check out our tips on searching for a preschool for your child and discover more about the amazing programs at Le Petite Academy.

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I have a preschooler at home who is very excited about heading to school. We all like to admire our kid’s strengths. Mine has a fairly large vocabulary. In one of her books she has picked up some big words like extraordinary, crestfallen and biography. It makes for some funny moments when she looks me square in the eye and tells me she is writing a biography about Sacajawea as she scribbles large lines across her paper. I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing at the adorableness.

My little sponge needs a preschool that can keep pace with her. I was very impressed with the program at La Petite Academy. I had heard about them, but once I started investigating I found the program at La  Petite Academy was immersive, creative and enriching.

Find An Amazing Preschool With Four Questions

  • Will the school prepare my kiddo for kindergarten so she can confidently make the transition to big-kid school?
  • Does the program expand and change as my child grows to keep challenging them?
  • What extra programs are available to my child?
  • Does the school provide a nurturing environment with caring educators?

Each child has their own strengths and places where they need to spend a little more time. In case you were wondering, mine cannot yet write her name and gets a little stage fright when it comes to singing. The programs at La Petite Academy start with an early twos program for young preschoolers. They then move into the full preschool program at three, and there is even a Kindergarten readiness program for five-year-olds to make sure the kids start with their best foot forward. This program is especially important to me as with where my daughter’s birthday falls, she has quite a bit of extra time between when she turns five and when she starts kindergarten.


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While the youngest two-year-olds participate in fun music and physical fitness activities to expand their wings, the three to five-year-olds begin to dabble even more. Spanish is introduced into the program, along with 30 minutes of computers and technology. Older kids are also introduced to a wider range of physical fitness activities that will keep challenging them.

Saying goodbye to  wonderful teachers can be tough which is why I am digging the afterschool program as a way for my kid to transition. This program encourages organization, staying fit and unwinding in healthy ways after school, along with homework help. They also have camps for summer and other breaks, and a Flex Care program. As a mom who works an irregular schedule, I like flexibility.

If you are looking at preschools or afterschool programs, you need to check out this program at La Petite Academy. You will love watching your child blossom in this caring and creative environment.

Is your child in La Petite Academy? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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  1. Great post. Both of my daughters are actually attending the same school that I did when I was in school. It’s very important to know more about the schools before choosing one.

  2. When my children were young, I had them attend nursery school. It was a fun experience for them because they learned how to socialize with other kids their age and it gave them a little more learning advantage over other kids attending school for the first time.

  3. Finding the right preschool is so important. It’s important to find the right atmosphere and place where you feel comfortable leaving your children. I loved my kids’ preschool.

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