19 Kids Who Fall Asleep in the Weirdest Places

Think your kids conk out in some strange spots? Check out these 19 kids who fall asleep in the weirdest places! Hilarious!


Think your kids conk out in some strange spots? Check out these 19 kids who fall asleep in the weirdest places! Hilarious!


It is totally amazing how kids are able to fall asleep anywhere, anytime! It doesn’t matter how loud the area is or how hard the sleeping surface is, kids will always find a way to sleep when they are tired. Here are some examples of kids who have fallen asleep in some pretty weird places.

Kids Who Fall Asleep in Weird Places

  1. In a Dog’s Bed- An English Bulldog and an adorable baby= Best Friends Forever!


  1. In a Drawer- Who in the world decides to fall asleep in a drawer?


  1. In a Laundry Basket- Let’s see- Get the laundry done or cuddle with the pups instead? Tough choice!
  2. In a Shoe- How did an old woman manage to live in a shoe? Sleeping in one looks hard enough!
  3. In a Shopping Cart- What better way to combat boredom when mom is shopping!
  4. In a Sink- Apparently this little guy fell asleep before brushing his teeth!


  1. In a Sled– Well, this certainly looks like an interesting place for a snooze!


  1. On a Bathroom Floor- Apparently the bathroom floor is the perfect spot to take a snooze!
  2. On a Dog- A baby and his pal- also known as his pillow!
  3. On a Horse- Someone forgot to tell this little one that you need to be awake to get a pony ride!
  4. On a Kitchen Floor- This little guy was just too tired to make it to the table for dinner!
  5. On a Kitchen Table- This little cutie pie got tired of waiting for dinner!
  6. On a Pile of Legos- Stepping on a Lego is uncomfortable enough, never mind falling asleep on a pile of them!


  1. On a Shelf- Sound asleep, standing up, using the shelf as a pillow! How comfortable can that be?
  2. On a Toilet- Boy, potty training can be draining!
  3. On a TV- How in the world does one even fall asleep on top of a TV?
  4. On the Stairs- Apparently climbing the stairs is an exhaustive task!
  5. Under a Couch- Why sleep on the couch when you can just sleep under it!


  1. Under a Dresser- Looks like this little one was playing a game of hide and seek and got tired of the seeking part!

Have your kids ever konked out in some odd spots? Tell us the weirdest places they’ve fallen asleep!

18 thoughts on “19 Kids Who Fall Asleep in the Weirdest Places”

  1. Rosemary Anderson Palmer

    My son could do this when little, and probably still could and he’s 31. Get him in the car and he’s out.

  2. These are absolutely hilarious. My favorite is the one with the sled. Mine have fallen asleep on the toilet. I wish I took a photo.

  3. The one on top of the Legos looks very uncomfortable. My kids feel asleep in every weirdest way possible when they were little too.

  4. Awww the bulldog pic is so great! We’re getting our first dog since having kids this summer and looking forward to making our own memories like this one soon.

  5. These are awesome! The kid sleeping on the Legos makes me cringe, no idea how he is comfy those things hurt! I have a picture of my son that fell asleep on top of a little table in his bedroom (he was supposed to be napping, in bed). It is so fun when they are little like this!

  6. These photos are adorable. Goes to show a kid can fall asleep anywhere at anytime. On top of the bathroom sink is a very interesting one.

  7. It’s funny that you say that this morning. Kids to sleep in the strangest places and I am discovering puppies also do. Mine was sort of twisted around on the couch on top of the pillow with her head flush up against the arm of the chair!

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