How To Deal With Your Biggest Parenting Challenges

Today we are sharing our readers biggest parenting challenges & their parenting tips to overcome them. You will be amazed by their tips.

Every parent has a moment of frustration at some point, and here are our parenting tips for How To Deal With Your Biggest Parenting Challenges.  In a recent giveaway on our site, we asked you for your biggest parenting struggles.  The results found several similarities that we want to chat with you about solutions for.  Hopefully this will touch on some of your own struggles and help you to focus and make positive changes.

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Darwins says:

My biggest challenge is dealing with tantrums and discipline.

By far the biggest issue parents had was dealing with tantrums or discipline issues.  We have a few parenting tips for alternate discipline issues we hope will help you to overcome these problems.

  • No tolerance for tantrums.  When a tantrum happens make it known discipline will be happening.  There will be no second chances.
  • Restrict privileges.  Remove the TV, video games and cell phones until behavior improves.
  • Get both parents on board.  You must have your spouse or other parent on board so all discipline is consistent.
  • Be flexible in changing discipline styles. As your kids grow and change, discipline measures need to change too.

Amy says:

Getting my kids to eat good foods.

This is something that every parent struggles with at one point or another in their kids lives.  Eating good or healthy foods can be a challenge, but it is not impossible.  We have some fun parenting tips for how to make your kids food habits better.
  • Make food fun. Cut into smaller pieces, shapes or create creatures with it.
  • Give something for them to dip with. Use Greek yogurt and seasoning to create great healthy dips for fruits and vegetables.
  • Sneak them in.  Puree vegetables into smoothies, spaghetti or muffins to help kids eat them without fuss.
  • Don’t force them to eat every new thing, but do require them to at least try it.
Yuen says:

Cleaning up after them!

Cleaning up their bedrooms and messes is not your job after a certain point.  Even before the point they are able to clean up for themselves, you should be teaching them respect for their belongings and yours.

  • Teach babies and toddlers to put things away when they are done playing.
  • Assign chores to kids of all ages to teach responsibility.
  • Restrict privileges when they leave their things out.
  • Throw it away.  If they continually leave messes of their belongings for you to clean up, start throwing things away or donating.  They learn quickly.

These parenting tips for dealing with your biggest parenting challenges are often common sense.  Sometimes we just need simple reminders of what we should be doing.  Communicate with your kids and let them know what you need, and what is expected of them.  Don’t allow them to walk all over you.  You are the parent and in charge.  Make sure they understand that and you will find success.

What are your favorite parenting tips for dealing with the biggest parenting challenges?

13 thoughts on “How To Deal With Your Biggest Parenting Challenges”

  1. Thanks for the tips. I have a very stubborn three year old, and we are trying to teach her that she gets 1 shot and done (within reason for a 3 year old, of course). It’s hard!

  2. These are all great tips, and fewer parents do these than you’d think. We started out kids out early with picking up after themselves and age appropriate chores. It’s really helped keep the house in order, and it’s taught them discipline.

  3. Discipline is my toughest one sometimes. My son is at the age where he wants more independence, but he’s still such a little guy.

  4. I have two girls and we have a lot of drama in our household!

    And my one daughter is very stubborn about a lot of things (cleaning up, etc). I have had good results with rewards for doing good, and consequences for doing bad (such as my daughter can’t use the iPad, which she loves). Have to find something that works best for your child.

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