Raising Children – Single Mom Recipe

Being a single mom can be a very deliberate choice or it can be by default. In either case, everyday will be a new choice to take care of yourself and your child in the best way possible. Organizing your day-to-day tasks is like conducting a symphony orchestra. You have to remember to cue in all of the little things to keep the big things intact, like your sanity. Also, you will need to be aware of how you spend your time, so that you can orchestrate the learning and growth of your child. The best recipe for being a single mom can be summed up by the words Support, Organize, Fun and Time Raising Children - Single Mom Recipe


As a single mom, you cannot go through life without a support system. It is absolutely essential that you have people in your life that love and support you, while you are raising your child. Even supermoms need someone to discuss childrearing issues with them, or they just need someone to chat with for friendship’s sake. Furthermore, belonging to a single mom’s group can add lots of needed support to your life. They can share ideas with you that will help make raising your child much easier.


Organizing your tasks, the care of your child and your personal time can go a long way in helping you to stay calm and relaxed as a single mother. Waking up to a disorganized house or not planning your day out can have a disastrous and downward-spiraling effect on your day. Did you forget to pack diapers in the baby bag, before heading out of the house? Did you wake up to discover that your baby is fresh out of clean clothes? Did you send you child to school without sending his or her school supplies the teacher requested two weeks ago? Did you trip over your toddlers toys, while trying to rush to make breakfast? Any number of these kinds of scenarios could happen, if you don’t stay organized. Grab a cheap day planner from your local superstore and use it. The planner is worth purchasing in order to write down the things that you need to do and avoid these types of scenarios. Furthermore, writing things down will help you save time, stay healthy and may keep you and your child safe.


Changing your daily routine to include a few moments or hours of fun each day will help your little one stay active and keep you sane. Planning a fun field day can be as easy as penciling in some “silly” time in your day planner. You can also plan a full day of fun at an amusement park, kid’s fun center or even the local library. The possibilities for having fun with your child are endless. If you are one budget, you can search your city directory for free and fun events that you and your child can attend.

Time off

Don’t forget to schedule some personal time off away from your child. Everyone needs a break. So, there is nothing wrong with sending your child to mom’s house or to a trusted day care, while you take a mini vacation. Plan a trip to visit a nearby town, by booking a charming bed & breakfast stay. Also, you can allow yourself to be pampered at a day spa. After all, you deserve it!