Putting Together Amazing Winter Outfits for Outdoor Family Fun


Living in the Poconos, I know quite a bit about the best winter outfits for outdoor family fun. In fact, it’s snowing right now as I type this! My area is known for its ski resorts. I’m not much of a skier though. Too scary for me! Although one day I will follow Olfa’s tips to tame skiing fears and try to hit the slopes. For now, my outdoor family fun is more of the snowman-building, snowball-fighting variety. When you live in areas that see a lot of snow and cold temperatures, finding great winter outfits isn’t just a good idea, it’s pretty much a necessity. Check out a few of my favorite outfits for the whole family!

Tips for Choosing Fantastic Winter Outfits for Your Outdoor Family Fun

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Complete winter outfits for kids

We all know that we spend the most of our winter outfits budgets on our kids. After all, they spend the most time outdoors, don’t they? Between recess, playing in the snow while we’re working and during outdoor family fun time, they need diverse clothes that can take a beating. I love clothing stores like Gymboree, Children’s Place and Old Navy that make it easy to pull together coordinated outfits with a variety of pieces.

Winter Outfit Girls Putting Together Amazing Winter Outfits for Outdoor Family Fun

How cute is this Snow Adventure outfit from Gymboree? You can grab the whole thing or just the pieces you love. They have some other super adorable winter outfits for girls that I would totally buy my niece when she gets older.

Winter Outfit Boys Putting Together Amazing Winter Outfits for Outdoor Family Fun

Now this Sled Ready collection is just perfect for my little guy! He’s been much more agreeable about dressing up lately, so I think I could actually get him to wear it. Last year he was all about the comfy pants and gamer t-shirts. I love that this layered look can be peeled away for those oddly warmer winter days (like our 50-degree Christmas, what was up with that?).

Putting together fabulous winter outfits for moms and dads

When it comes to piecing together your own winter outfits, look for elements that look great for both work and play. That way you’re not spending a fortune on two separate wardrobes. Layering is definitely the way to go. As we get older, we seem to go through hot and cold flashes at an alarming rate!

I absolutely adore this Homespun Harmony sweater from ModCloth. It’s light enough that it can be worn alone under your thick coat without causing you to have a heat stroke. If you do need more warmth, just layer it over another top. For guys, this Sherpa Lined Cable Knit Sweater is pretty fab.

Men winter sweater Winter OutfitsYou can also opt to keep your main winter outfits extremely basic and really go all out with accessories. For example, stick to neutral sweaters and plain jeans or pants, but make a statement with your scarves, like this beautiful Bring Around the Cozy scarf:
best-winter-outfits-outdoor-family-funHats and gloves are another great way to show off your own style in your winter outfits. We probably have a dozen hats, even though I never wear them. They give me crazy hat hair! My son, on the other hand, has one for just about every day of the week! I’m also a big fan of cute socks. Yes, hardly anyone sees them, but I know I’m wearing them! That’s enough to give me that extra oomph in my step. How cool are these Einstein socks? Admit it, you want them!

Theory of Versatility Socks Winter Outfits

Putting together winter outfits for outdoor family fun isn’t exactly hard. It’s really just a matter of looking at clothes in a new way. Don’t just think “will this look great on me,” but also “will this FEEL great as I sled down the hill, throw a snowball, stroll through a winter wonderland?” Or, of course, as you shovel snow for the tenth time that week!

What are your favorite elements of fabulous winter outfits for outdoor family fun? Tell us in the comments!

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