6 Books That Help Both Moms & Kids Cope with Autism

If you are looking for books about autism for you and your child , check these out. Reading with your child about his world will benefit both of you!

If you are looking for books about autism for you and child, I found a few really great ones to get started!  It is important that your child doesn’t feel like he is different in a bad way.   Spending time with your child and reading some books about autism will help him understand his own world a little better.  Also, I found some great books for you as well.  Being the parent of a child with autism can be trying and you can often feel like you are alone in your struggles.  You are not.

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Books about Autism for You and Your Child

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For your child (and you)

Noah Chases the Wind: Written by Michelle Worthington, this is the story of Noah.  He sees the world a little different than the rest and often has questions others have not thought of.  Noah wants to know where the wind goes.  Join him on his quest throughout this beautifully illustrated introduction to autism for kids.  Celebrating all the special characteristics of children on the autism spectrum, you and your child will enjoy this book over and over.  

When My Worries Get Too Big: A Relaxation Book for Children Who Live with Anxiety: It is so difficult to watch your child suffer from anxiety and struggle with ways to help them to calm down.  This book, written and illustrated by Kari Dunn Buron, does just that.  She teaches kids ways to develop their own self-calming practices.  Read this book with your kids, so you can both have a better understanding on how to help your child relax and balance their stress levels.

Have you met my brother, John?” A story about a boy named Nicholas and his very special brother: This story, written by Mary Potts and told from the perspective of Nicholas, John’s little brother.  Nicholas shows his friends that his brother John is just like them, only special.  He is proud to have an autistic brother and loves to show him off to everyone!  I love that this is told from the little brother perspective.  This story is available by app too at the itunes store!

For you

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum: You might be familiar with the Chicken Soup books by now.  This is a nice quick read for those little moments you have to steal for yourself (trust me, I know).  The book is broken up into 101 insightful stories.  Each one has been written by either a parent or an expert.  You will probably cry, so have tissues handy.  But more than anything, you will not feel alone.

The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen Year Old Boy with Autism
: Naoki Higashida was just thirteen when he wrote this insightful book.  He gives you a first person view of what it’s like to be a young boy with severe autism.  He discusses some heavy topics such as self-harm and the challenges he faces with communication.  Naoki is wise beyond his early teenage years.  He will definately touch your soul.

Daniel Isn’t Talking
: This novel is written by Marti Leimbach and takes place in London.  Stephen and Melanie Marsh are the parents of 2 children, Emily 4 and Daniel 3.  Daniel is diagnosed with autism and it rocks their world.  Melanie makes it her mission to teach her son to talk and it takes it toll on their marriage.  They finally find a speech therapist who brings light to their life and lets them know that Daniel has limitless potential.  

Reading and learning that you are not the only parent who is trying to understand your child and autism, can be such a relief.  My nephew was diagnosed a few years ago and having the answers to some of the questions we had was a relief, and then we all wanted to know more and so we all started reading books about autism so we could understand his world a little better.

Do you have any good recommendations for books about autism or challenges faced by children on the spectrum?  Share with us in the comment section below!

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    These are great books. I know a few families with autism and these would be great gifts for them.

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