Potty Training 101: Is Your Prince or Princess Ready For The Throne?

As a Preschool Teacher I have worked with MANY families and partnered with them to guide their children to this special milestone. Some parent’s swore that letting their child run around the home naked was working for them. Others chose to put their children in cotton underpants only from day one. Most families chose to make the switch from diapers to training pants. This option can include wearing thick cotton underpants and the plastic pants that go over top. Or you can go with disposable trainers- brand names like Pull-ups or Easy Ups come to mind.

Here are a few tips that I have learned over the years.


Potty Training 101: Is Your Prince or Princess Ready For The Throne?
Is your child REALLY ready, or do you want them to be ready? I have witnessed children as young as 17 months self-train in a week. While other families struggled for years with a reluctant preschooler. Answering YES to at least three of these can give you a cue that your toddler/preschooler may be ready.

Here is my simple ‘Readiness Checklist for potty training

  • Are their BM’s regular and predictable?
  • Are they staying dry for longer periods of the day or waking up with a dry diaper?
  • Are they expressing interest in toilet habits? (Other than flushing their cars down there!)
  • Are they giving you verbal or physical cues preceding a BM or urination?
  • Can they follow simple instructions?

It’s My Potty, I Can Cry If I Want To-

There are several types of potty’s and even toilet seat add on’s to fit over your throne. Which one you choose may not effect the rate of success for your little one, but it will effect your plan. For example; I chose a three-in-one combo. It can be used as a potty while sitting on the floor, or the “throne” can sit directly on the toilet seat. The base then flips over to be used as a non-skid stepping stool. This style fits perfectly with my ‘potties belong in the bathroom’ method. And I got the whole set up on sale for $20. The stool comes in handy when it’s time to wash hands after a potty break too.

Pick Your Method-

After choosing the potty, I also wanted to stick with my favourite way to potty train. Potty training methods vary widely and I have had a range of feedback on my method. Once I have set the potty training wheels in motion-ALL diaper changes and bathroom related activities are done in the bathroom. And NO potties in the living room or bedroom, or anywhere else for that matter.

I got a great deal of success from encouraging this method, it helps young children make a sociological change. Meaning- they begin to change the mindset that bathroom functions can be done anywhere. Why? Because it’s not socially acceptable to use the bathroom anywhere. How many times have I had young boys from my child care center pee in a potted plant, on a tree, or in the sandbox at the childcare? Too many times to count. The boy’s and parents response is usually the same-“boys are different they are made to pee anywhere.” Not trying to be judgmental, but unless you live in a remote place where everyone pees in the sandbox, teach your children to pee in a bathroom!


Involve the Whole Family-

Back in July, when I thought my Princess was ready to start training, I brought her to the store to pick which colour potty she wanted. I had already shopped the potty section at three stores and decided which style would fit our home, my budget, and our princess’ needs. Allowing her to pick the pink Dora potty for herself was my way of getting her involved. She was super excited about her “chair” and it took a few days to convince her that Dora needed to stay in the bathroom.It is just as important to communicate the potty training plan to all caregivers. I didn’t always agree with the plan laid out by some of the families I provided care for. I still had to respect their wishes and keep their plan going during my time with their child. In the same manner, I expect my babysitters and family members providing care to my princess, to respect my potty training plan.If you have determined that your Toddler is ready for “The Throne” it is important to set a plan in motion and STICK WITH IT. It is a big milestone to conquer and will bring many changes to your little ones, and your life. Gone are the days of changing a diaper in the backseat of your car after a big grocery shopping trip. Pick your method, make a plan, and involve the whole family to set your child up for success.*This post was not sponsored or endorsed by any brands mentioned within.About the author

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