5 Mom Confessions That Have Us Saying “Me Too!”

Life with kids can get a little crazy at times! I bet you can relate to at least a few of these mom confessions! I know I can!

Life with kids can get a little crazy at times! I bet you can relate to at least a few of these mom confessions! I know I can!


As moms, to say our worlds are hectic is an understatement. We have to care for the children, the house, the dog, and even our significant other! Our jobs are never-ending and its truly unrelenting. While we all try to hold it together as best as we can, we all have those days when we are just done being moms. We want to crawl into bed, pull the blankets over our heads and disappear for a few hours! Our jobs may be stressful, but the good part of it all is that every mom around the world can relate in some way or another. Here are 5 mom confessions that have us saying “me too!”

Hilarious Mom Confessions

1. This is the “clean” house.




Seriously, our house is only spotless when we there are guests coming over! Otherwise, trying to keep everything baby-free, crumb-free and clutter-free is nearly impossible. We all know it’d drive us crazy so we settle for the “clean” that is otherwise a disaster.

2. Sometimes you just want to do nothing!



Who cares if the laundry is overflowing onto the floor? And who cares that your bedroom looks like a disaster zone?! Sometimes you just have to take a break from it all and spend a good part of the day doing absolutely nothing.

3. This is how most of us look



Despite how pretty we may look in other pictures, this is our typical look and mood. We are exhausted! We’re tired! We want to spend a day in bed without worrying about our hair, makeup or anything else. Sometimes we want to throw the towel in and give up for the day, but of course we don’t, despite how we may look! We call this the RMF (resting mom face).

4. For the most part, we value healthy food



We know just how important it is to feed our children fresh, quality, and wholesome food. But some days, that just can’t happen. Schedules get super busy. It’s too late to cook dinner. And sometimes the kids just want a cheeseburger! We value healthy clean food but fast food totally has its place in life.

5. We embrace the toys!


At first, all of the colors and sounds of the toys are a bit nerve-wracking and overwhelming. But, as time passes, the toys seem to work themselves into the decor of the family room. And the sounds somehow become relaxing and part of everyday life. As moms, our houses may look like daycare centers but we kinda love it!

We’ve all been there, done that, with at least a few of these things, right? I know I’ve hit the drive thru more times than I care to admit, especially since I’m dealing with a picky eater! I’ve also completely adjusted my definition of a clean house!

How about you? Share your most hilarious mom confessions below! No judging, we promise!

2 thoughts on “5 Mom Confessions That Have Us Saying “Me Too!””

  1. I agree with a few, but others just don’t happen here. My house is always clean, but I am a neat-freak and I can’t stand the chaos. I work from home so it has to be clean or I will be distracted. And my boys have a playroom, and they know that all the toys stay in there. They can bring toys out to the living room or the office while I am working, but before bed we at least take them all back into the playroom. Now the laundry, I HATE laundry, that sits there for days unfolded sometimes!!!!

  2. Literally love your post, and specially the last picture!! Seriously being a mom is tricky and cleanliness a distant dream ;) Not a mum yet, but I think it is going to tough yet enjoyable journey!!

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