Rainy Day Summer Fun Activities For Families #TruMoo

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Too much rain keeping your family indoors this summer? Check out these rainy day summer fun family activities and have a blast until the weather passes! I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen much sun yet this summer! It’s been nothing but rain here in Northeastern PA.  Every single day for at least the last month. Rain. Thick, dark clouds and rain. I haven’t been able to take my son to the water park or pool once. If it was just drizzle or sun showers, I’d say “no biggie” and dance in it! Alas, it’s thunderstorms and lightning, flash floods and “run for cover” weather alerts.

Still, I refuse to let the weather wreak havoc on my fun. Summer is family time! It’s a time for vacations, spontaneity and excitement. So I’ve come up with a few fun ways to keep the weather from, well, raining on your parade!

Fun Rainy Day Summer Activities for Families

Summer Blockbuster Movie Marathon: Grab all your favorite hit summer blockbusters from years gone by and have a family movie marathon! It’s a lot more economical than taking the whole family to the theater. Pop your own popcorn and break out the TruMoo. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the combination of salty popcorn and chocolate! Fun Rainy Day Summer Activities for Families Hotel Staycation: With dangerous storms, flooding and tornadoes around the country, many vacation plans have been halted due to grounded planes and weather issues in destinations. If your family getaway has been put on hold, switch it up! Make reservations to a hotel with a fantastic indoor pool. Last year, part of our water park vacation got rained out and my son had just as much fun swimming in the pool as he did at the park.

Crafting Fun: Break out the craft supplies and finally try that idea you’ve been thinking about for months. You know the one! You saw it on Pinterest, your favorite blog (hopefully ours!) or in a magazine and thought “I’m going to make that someday!” My “someday” craft was yarn-covered letters. Instead of buying expensive wooden letters, though, I cut one out of a cardboard box. Then just wrap the yard around it, securing it at the beginning and end with glue or tape. Rainy Day Crafting Fun with TruMoo Cool Kitchen Fun: Head to the kitchen for a cool treat! Set up the blender (which you will run, safety first!), dishes, ice pop molds, ice-cream toppings, ice-cream and so on. Spend the afternoon whipping up fun TruMoo milkshakes, our TruMoo Pudding Pops, sundaes and other tasty treats! Find TruMoo Recipe inspiration on Pinterest. Invite your kids’ friends over and make it an ice-cream social! Rainy Day Summer Fun Activities For Families #TruMoo Indoor Beach Day: If you can’t go to the beach, bring the beach to you! Well, the relaxing part of it, anyway. Lay towels out on your floor prop up a beach umbrella. Grab your favorite books and sprawl out for a day of reading. Download and play ocean sounds in the background. If you don’t mind cleaning, lay down some plastic and bring in a sand box for the little ones. Even if you have to rearrange some furniture to make room, turning your house into the beach will score you major points with the kids! TruMoo July 2 Don’t let nature ruin your summer fun! As long as you and your family are together, you can still have a blast indoors until this weather passes! Whatever you decide to do, make it delicious with TruMoo Chocolate Milk. With it’s amazing chocolate flavor and only 140 calories per serving, it’s a treat that I feel good about giving my son. I love that it’s hormone-free and doesn’t have any high-fructose corn syrup either! Plus, he’s getting plenty of calcium!


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What summer fun activities do you do when it’s too rainy to go outside? Tell us in the comments!

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34 thoughts on “Rainy Day Summer Fun Activities For Families #TruMoo”

  1. What fun ideas! We always pick up a TrueMoo carton when we are at the grocery store. It reminds me of back in the day at school with the milk cartons LOL!

  2. These are great suggestions for rainy day fun. And since we have had an over abundance of rain this year, it’s perfectly timed. I’m partial to movie day myself!

  3. Love making homemade fudge pops. I don’t see TruMoo too often around here. Smaller packs but never the large ones. I often wonder if that is because we have too many dairy farms around here and the grocers carry a lot of local products.

  4. Great ideas! I keep hearing such great things about this TruMoo. Wish we had it here in Canada, looks wonderful! When it rains here we all snuggle up and watch movies!

  5. Hubby is chocolate milk obsessed. We always have to have it in he house. I’m going to have to make him some Popsicles. Never thought of that!

  6. I’m all about making fun on the inside. We’ve had a lot of crazy storms and weather alerts in the DC area too. The kids love movies, popcorn and forts. There is currently a moon bounce in my basement for this reason.

  7. My kids love chocolate milk, but we have never tried to make frozen treats before! We will have to give that a try the next time the rain comes along!

  8. These are some great ideas about bringing the beach to you. I love the idea of putting plastic down and bring a little sandbox in for the little ones. I have to admit I would probably only do this in the porch though. We love TruMoo chocolate milk and the idea of making Popsicle. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I an super thankful that we got to go a few places the last several weeks. We almost thought that we were were going to gave to reschedule our visit to Sea World due to rain. We were down there the week Bill hit Texas. Thankfully, it cleared up and we were able to enjoy a full day at Sea World. Then last week we went to Legoland.

    As ale mom, I don’t mind spoiling the kids every now and yen but at the same time I don’t want then to expect me to entertain them.

    My kids love Netflix or video games.

  10. I love TruMoo. Honestly, my son and I can’t get enough. These are such great ideas, too, for a staycation or even while on vacation.

  11. We’re in need of some rain, please send it this way. I’ve never cared for plain milk but give me chocolate milk and I’m a happy camper. I’ll have to try Trumoo for the grandkids . . . and me.

  12. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    It’s rained pretty heavily around here too. Even when it hasn’t rained it has been so hot that you just can’t stand it outside. Therefore, outdoor activities have been kept to a minimum. I love the idea of an indoor beach day, though!

  13. We’ve had many rainy days so far too, so anytime the sun is shining, I like to get outside and enjoy it! When we’re stuck indoors though, we do the same kinds of things as you — movies and crafts, along with drawing and reading too.

  14. We’ve finally had a few sunny days in a row! My daughter and I have been watching movies and Netflix on the rainy days! I haven’t had chocolate milk in a long time! I need some now!

  15. It has been raining here for a solid week and I am really in need of some ideas! Those popsicles look like so much fun and I can’t wait to make them today with the kids!

  16. What fun rainy day activities you have highlighted! It is raining today and I could sure go for a glass or two of this chocolate milk! I don’t know why, but chocolate milk always seems to make me smile!

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