5 Books to Help Kids Learn to Manage their Anger

Are you looking for books to help your child manage anger?  I have gathered a few great titles below just for you!

Are you looking for books to help your child manage anger?  I have gathered a few great titles below just for you!  Kids can get so overwhelmed with their emotions, they just don’t know how to handle this feeling they have.  Often times this results in hitting, kicking, biting or throwing things when your child is upset.  Thankfully there are many titles out there to help you and your child manage his anger, here are just a few.

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Books to Help Your Child Manage Anger

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Angry Octopus: An anger management story introducing active progressive muscular relaxation and deep breathing written by Lori Lite.  This is a great story that helps to teach kids the benefits of breathing to help control anger.  Kids can relate to the angry octopus as the sea child teaches him how to take a deep breath and calm down when he is angry.  This book received national attention on ABC’s Shark Tank!  It is geared towards kids ages 6-12 but it is not about a reading level, it is about helping a child control his or her anger, and parents can benefit too!  You can grab this book on Amazon for under $10!

Cool Down and Work Through Anger: Everyone gets angry right?  Kids are no exception.  They need to be taught how to handle themselves appropriately when a friend makes them mad.  Hitting and throwing a fit is not the right way.  This great kid’s book is going to help them learn self-calming techniques, how to ask for help from an adult, talking, how to be patient and more.  It is a great one to read more than once!  Available on Amazon for a little more than $7, you can also download a Kindle version as well.

Hands Are Not for Hitting: Written by Martine Agassi Ph. D. it teaches kids just that, hands are not for hitting.  Kids react when they are mad and often it comes in the form of hitting.  It comes in the form of a durable board book and perfect for preschool aged kids and very young kids with easy concepts for them to understand.  It is super affordable too!  You can order it for under $5 on Amazon, or download a kindle version, but I am not sure how well that might go with young kids. Get it on Amazon for under $7.

What to Do When Your Temper Flares: A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Problems with Anger: Written by Dawn Huebner, it guides children (and parents) through techniques on how to handle their anger.  It is based on cognitive-behavioral techniques with bright, lively illustrations, making it a fun to read book with kids, while they learn how to control their anger.  Amazon has this in paperback for under $10.

Mad Isn’t Bad: A Child’s Book about Anger:  Written by  Mundy Michaelene, this “Elf Help Book” teaches kids that it’s okay to be mad sometimes. Anger is something we all feel, it’s what we do with the anger that counts. It’s a great book because it doesn’t downplay a child’s feelings of anger or make them feel like they’re “bad” for being mad about something. Get it on Amazon for just under $8 in paperback. 

It is tough to parent a child with anger issues, and it is tough to be a parent of a child with anger issues.  There might come a point in time where you just throw your hands up because you don’t know what else to do.  That is ok, but when you are done, check out these books above.  It will be great quality time spent and a learning experience for both of you.

Have you had to deal with a child with anger issues?  What sort of books did you like to read together to help teach them techniques to calm down?  Share with us below in the comments!

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  2. These are great choices. We like When Sophie Gets Angry and Sometimes I’m Bombaloo, too. They are really cute and have helped my daughter.

  3. Thanks for the great list of books,these sure are great for reading and then discussions with your child !!

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