Keep Your Family Safe with React Mobile Personal Safety App

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Keeping your family safe when everyone is constantly on the go can be a challenge. Now that just about everyone has a smart phone, though, it gets a lot easier with React Mobile App. React not only lets you contact emergency authorities with the push of a button, it has so many other great safety features that you may never have even thought of!

What is React Mobile Personal Safety App?


React Mobile is a free personal safety app that is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. It’s compatible with most popular phones (and even a few tablets, it was compatible with my Samsung Galaxy Tab). Once installed, it offers numerous safety components to keep users safe no matter where they are. Whether you’re on a cross-country trip or walking home from the grocery store, React Mobile is there.

Features of React Mobile Personal Safety App

  • SOS Alerts Email and Text Messages: If you’re in danger, just hit the SOS button. React sends and email and text message to your emergency contacts with a link to your GPS location.
  • SOS to Facebook and Twitter: Sometimes you really need to let more people know that you’re in danger! What if your emergency contacts aren’t available? With React, you can have your SOS sent directly to your Facebook or Twitter stream. Don’t want the world to know? Turn this feature off easily to maintain more privacy.
  • GPS location tracking: Part of what makes React such a great app is that it can track your GPS location. That way, when you send out an SOS, the right people will know exactly where to find you.
  • 911 Button: Reach emergency authorities easily with the push of a button.


Follow Me Feature

I think this has to be my favorite feature. I often drive home from my boyfriend’s house late at night. Sometimes I’m a little skittish because the roads aren’t busy that late. With Follow Me, I can activate the feature and choose him as the contact that can track my movements.


He receives text message with a link to view my homeward bound progress on a website. That way, if anything happens and I’m not able to send out my SOS, he would know! I think that’s pretty cool.


React Mobile Personal Safety App: Easy to Use, Peace of Mind

The React Mobile personal safety app is incredibly easy to use. It took less than ten minutes to download it and just moments to get started. When you load the React app, the shield will let you know that it is inactive.


To activate an SOS alert, you just tap the shield, then tap to confirm that you want to send an SOS. It took less than a few seconds for the text to go through to my boyfriend, who was helping me test it out. When I sent my alert, I also had the option of dialing 911. Since I was just testing it, obviously I didn’t try that part out.


The fantastic thing about React is that every feature takes less than seconds to activate. From sending emergency alerts to activating “Follow Me,” precious moments are not wasted trying to navigate a confusing interface.

React: Keeping Your Family Safe

React is such a great app for anyone who is concerned about safety, but I think it is particularly awesome for parents of older children and teenagers. It’s comforting to know that if your teen is driving home late from a friend’s house, she can activate the Follow Me and alert you of her location.

As scary as it is to think about things like robbery and kidnappings, knowing that help is just the press of a button away definitely helps give a little more peace of mind. The fact that it’s a free app makes it a no-brainer. There really isn’t any good reason NOT to download React. In today’s world, it just makes sense to have that extra layer of protection.


Visit React Mobile to learn more details, or download it from the App Store or Google Play. For the latest news, like them on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

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  1. This is such a great idea. I really like that you can send an SOS alert to specific contacts with your GPS location. Sometimes 911 is not always appropriate – so this is a great way to alert family/friends that you are having an issue or problem and then deal with it from that point forward – and then contact 911 if necessary.

  2. This would be great to have.. awesome app! Keeping family safe, especially young ones, is so important these days!

  3. Love this! I walk at night and was actually wondering if there was an app like this. Pretty cool, downloading it now! Thanks!

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