Families Helping Families: Introducing OurFamilyWorld Bags + Twitter Party #HelpFamilies

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We have been secretly working on an amazing new project for months now and are really excited to share the details finally! OurFamilyWorld has created a line of fun sling bags for active families on the go! Our brand new store will be launching on Tuesday, May 28th (the day after Memorial Day), and we can’t wait to see what you think!

  OurFamilyWorld Bags

Not just your average bag

What makes OurFamilyWorld Bags different from your average sling bag? I’m glad you asked! There are two things that we feel makes us unique.

  1. For every bag you purchase, $2 goes towards helping other families in need. We will be donating that money to an organization that helps children and other families get the tools they need to succeed in life. OurFamilyWorld has always been about helping other families stay happy, healthy, fit, and financially secure through our articles. That mission was at the forefront when we were planning the new store.
  2. Each bag comes with a surprise! We are working with several different companies to provide product samples in each bag! Samples will vary depending on supply and your location.
  3. Several different styles! Our bags come in several different styles. While these styles vary depending on whether you live in the US or Canada, we’re sure you’re going to love all of them!

We’re having a Twitter Party!

To celebrate the launch of our store, we’re having a fun Twitter party on Tuesday, May 28th at 9pm EST. It’s the perfect way to unwind from your long, busy Memorial Day weekend. Of course, what’s a Twitter party without prizes? We’ll be giving away three of our brand new bags to three winners (one bag each). You’ll have a chance to be the first to sport a fabulous new OurFamilyWorld bag!

Important Twitter Party Details

Hashtag for the party: #helpfamilies

Follow your hosts: @ourfamilyworld and @prettynameless

Date and Time: Tues, 5/28/13 at 9pm EST

Prizes: Three OurFamilyWorld bags, open to US and Canada


RSVP on the Linky below. Please add your Twitter user name and link.

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About Nicole Etolen

Nicole Etolen is the Editor-In-Chief of OurFamilyWorld and its sister site, MyKidsGuide. She is also a blogger and former Certified Nurses Aide. She's been writing most of her life and realized that she could combine her writing talents with her medical knowledge to help others in a new way. Nicole is also the owner of PrettyOpinionated.com. When she's not writing 12 hours a day, she enjoys reading and spending time with her very cool son.


  1. WOW! What a great idea! Will you send me a reminder about the party 😉

  2. You mentioned three things and not only two that make your bag unique.
    Tuesday is my wedding anniversary so I probably have plans!?
    If not, I’ll be at your party with bells on.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

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