How to dress when pregnant: first trimester

Dress comfortably on a budget while you’re pregnant during your first semester.

Congratulations, you are pregnant. You are so happy, you want the world to know it, you want to show your belly and you are eager to wear maternity clothes. But figuring out how to dress when pregnant without spending lots of money and looking great at the same time? The first rule of thumb for how to dress when pregnant is to dress comfortably and to continue to make dress choices that reflect your style, sense and personality

Here are some tips on how to dress when pregnant in the first trimester

First trimester: be patient and refurbish clothes

Your are so proud of your pregnancy that you want to wear maternity clothes immediately. You might better contain your excitement as it makes more sense to just wear your normal clothes for the first few months. Most women do not show a belly and their bodies do not change significantly in the first 8 weeks. So, avoid temptation and the urge to rush and buy everything you think you will need for maternity wear.

By the end of this trimester, your pants become tight and somehow uncomfortable.You can wear longer shirts and loop a rubber band through the buttonhole and then wrap it around the button. This will give some breathing room, which is usually enough for a time. Long, flowing skirts also make great options for dressing when pregnant and staying comfortable.

Your partner’s clothes can be helpful too. A larger button up shirt will look great over a pair of leggings. Large sweaters can work for casual wear night until the end of your pregnancy and even after giving birth.

Belly band: It is a great accessory that goes over the top of your pants and is just a stretchy band that holds your pants in place so you can leave them unzipped or unbuttoned without worry.

Dressing while pregnant in the first and second trimester is fairly easy. It’s the third trimester where things get a little dicier!

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