DIY Bleeding Candles Halloween Décor Craft


  • Lighter
  • Dark Red Stick Candle
  • Tiered Set of White Candles


  1. First of all, I got those tiered candles at Wal-Mart for a little over two dollars. They came packaged in the tiered set already and I know that’s common. Begin by setting these three candles up and spreading them apart a bit.
  2. Next, like your dark red candle and hold it over your first white candle. Be sure to get the dark red candle because I got a lighter red and it didn’t quite have the true bloody feel I wanted, although it still worked.
  3. Allow the red wax to drip on each white candle. Start from the top and make sure around the wick is covered in red wax and then begin allowing the wax to drip further down until it’s rolling down the sides.
  4. You may have to use the tip of the red candle to nudge drops of wax over the edge. There’s really no wrong way to do this so have fun dripping everywhere!