Talking Thanksgiving Prep with Nicole Sassaman

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Thanksgiving is just days away here in Canada, and less than two months away in the US. Time to start thinking about what you’re going to cook, how you’ll decorate and, on the less fun side, how you’ll clean up after the big meal. Fortunately, Nicole Sassaman, creator of Sassy Tips, has teamed up with OxiClean to bring you some terrific ideas on all of the above! Take a look at the amazing tip sheet they put together, then read on for a little Q&A with Nicole! Plus, don’t miss our great giveaway at the end of this post!

OxiClean Thanksgiving Tip Sheet


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Thanksgiving Q&A With Nicole Sassaman


Tell us a little about your Sassy Tips. What inspired you to create them?

I have so much experience and have learned so many lessons from my mistakes I love sharing the Sassy Tips that I have learned along the way. And I love teaching and sharing!

Let’s talk Thanksgiving Prep! What are your best tips to help make prep time easier, especially when the kitchen is full of family?

Set your table the night before, make sure all dishwashers are clean and empty, and preamble as many dishes as possible so you can just pop them in the oven.

How can hosts make the Thanksgiving table beautiful without spending a fortune on decorations or hours pulling it together? 

Go out and pick up fall leaves and spread them down the center of the table and throw some tea light candles inside of them and maybe some baby pumpkins- add colorful fall napkins and voila- design on a dime.

What about the kids table? How can we make that more special?

Make the kids table interactive with baby pumpkins on each place and decorations to create something fun with them. Put butcher paper on the table and crayons to color, etc.

How can we make cleanup go faster so we can spend more time relaxing with family after the meal?

Clean as you go with OxiClean laundry and dish detergents and have all dishwashers clean and ready to load. Try to bake inside of your actual serving dishes, as well.

In your tip sheet, you recommend starting cleanup right away, but also picking your battles. What is something we can get away with putting off until after guests have left? How can we make sure it isn’t a nightmare to clean later?

If you are lucky enough to have a laundry room with a sink you can throw everything dirty in there and soak necessary pans and clear it out of site until guests leave.
One last question: what is your ideal Thanksgiving meal? Do you have any foods that are part of your family traditions?

I have a delicious stuffing that I make with cranberries and apples that people always beg me to make every year.;-)

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78 thoughts on “Talking Thanksgiving Prep with Nicole Sassaman”

  1. I love to find some new Halloween goodies recipes every year to make with my grandchildren, some good creepy fun! 🙂

  2. Cute interview and I have been begging for a laundry sink. So many houses don’t have them anymore. I am going to pass this page over to my husband so he can read for himself! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nicole shared a ton of wonderful ideas to use during the holiday prep season. I enjoyed your interview too as it was insightful.

  4. I am a huge fan of OxiClean and recently bought their stain spray for my daughters clothing but didn’t realize they had such a huge line of helpful products!

  5. I love that – clean as you go. I always do that, every night and through the holidays. Used to drive me nuts when my nephew would cook and I would walk in to find every single pot, pan, plate and utensil in the sink…

  6. Love all of the great tips. I think cleaning as you go is so important because it allows for more time with family when done eating.

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