Kids and Thanksgiving: Tips to reduce their stress

This holiday, we as parents get so concerned with creating the perfect meal. Often that meal is full of food that we don’t eat any other time. We see lots of family and friends. Your stress, the strange food, and the added congestion of friends and family can make your young children stressed, too. To make this an enjoyable holiday for everyone you just need to take a few simple steps.
RelaxWe should keep in mind that our stress transfers to our babies and toddlers. It is easy to get so wrapped up in making the perfect holiday dinner that you stress yourself out unnecessarily. Breathe. Remember that the point of Thanksgiving is not culinary expertise but thankfulness. If you are hosting the event, then take people up on any offers of help. Have guests bring sides and desserts so all you have to concentrate on the main dish. If you are celebrating somewhere else it is fine to offer to bring something, but don’t make it something very complicated. It perfectly acceptable to bring pies from your favorite bakery or a simple side dish..Food FightMost children do not like trying new foods. This can make Thanksgiving a fight at the table. Don’t get hung up on what they are eating or not eating. It is one meal a year. My 16 year old daughter still will only eat turkey, mashed potatoes without gravy, and apple pie on this big meal. She just doesn’t care for anything else we eat. You can make a side dish that your children are familiar with an love such as macaroni and cheese. Also you might have them help you make a dish.This year I am making turkey cookies for the little ones at our celebration. I am frosting a oatmeal cookie and placing an chocolate sandwich cookie at the bottom of the bigger cookie. Around the sandwich cookie place candy corn for the feathers. The face of the turkey can be made with chocolate chip eyes and a red hot gobbler.

Family Fun

You certainly cannot uninvite your family to Thanksgiving. So how do you eliminate that stress on your young children. Allow your children a area that is theirs to get away. If you are hosting this can simply be created by keeping family out of your child’s room and allow your child to go there if things are getting too hectic. At another family member’s house you may just want to bring a comfort item from home and designating a bedroom where your child can nap or unwind without being distracted by relatives.

A Thanksgiving To Be Thankful For

I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you enjoy your time with family and friends. Just remember that the holiday is not about the meal but about the feel. Enjoy the memories that you make this year.

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