Have an Eco-Friendly, Budget-Friendly Thanksgiving!

 Have an Eco-Friendly, Budget-Friendly Thanksgiving!

In just a few weeks’ time you are going to find yourself shopping and working around the clock to prepare for the sumptuous and grand Thanksgiving meal; there is a turkey to be bought; cranberry sauce to be prepared, stuffing to be made and a pie that needs some baking.

With all the focus on the grandeur of the meal that day and juggling your time in between looking after your young kids, one often forgets to celebrate the real spirit of Thanksgiving. What is also forgotten is that it is not an event to waste money on or one in which you forget caring about the beautiful planet, which is our home; after all what are we really thankful about – that we have money so we can lavishly spend it?

No, the true spirit that should be celebrated on Thanksgiving, is celebrating what we have, what we are provided with, embracing the various bounties of earth and sharing all of these positive feelings with our family and loved ones (and it doesn’t hurt to save money along the way.)

It is not far from the truth that being a little selfish is far more convenient; but is it really the right way? And do you really want to teach that to your kids? A Thanksgiving feast is an occasion that is not easily forgotten, so take this opportunity to include your kids in chores that will not only save money but prove to be a great way of giving something back to the planet; your kids are going to carry this very spirit of Thanksgiving into their future.

Here are a few ways you can go green on Thanksgiving and save money for your family.

  • Thanksgiving involves a lot of shopping and that means a lot of plastic, non-recyclable trash for the planet earth. Switch that practice by sewing up a nice shopping bag; while including your child to paint the earth-friendly images or those related to thanksgiving, you are going to imprint some nice thoughts into his/her tiny mind.


  • If you plan your days around the Thanksgiving and then stick to your plan, you might actually be able to save money in a good amount and display a true Thanksgiving meal. See what tins and cans you have lying around. Perhaps you can use them in your recipes instead of buying new stuff; even if that means a little alteration to the recipe (that might even prove to be a good thing.)


  • Also don’t buy things that are already prepared in the market; what’s the fun in that? Things like stuffing and sauces and easily be prepared a day or two ahead and they keep nicely in the refrigerator; you can buy the fresh turkey ahead of time as well (just need some freezing space) when the prices are down. In fact prepare the sauce in a good amount and you can even gift it to your guests, all bottled up in saved glass jars.


  • If you need to do some baking, why not add something to that list to minimize the carbon footprint from the earth. Slide another dish into the oven on the side while it is on for your Thanksgiving meal and later freeze it.


  • Thanksgiving calls for some fresh home décor. However don’t be tempted to go overboard buying decorations and centerpieces. Instead, use this opportunity to save money and to protect the planet by encouraging kids to help you decorate the table and the home with natural stuff, like twigs and branches which replicate the seasonal aura inside your home.

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