8 Totally Turkey-Free Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids


I found 8 fun ways to get the little ones creating Thanksgiving crafts for kids that don’t involve turkeys! We love turkey crafts, don’t get me wrong, but we want to explore other aspects of the holiday too! While you are preparing your holiday, set the kids with few supplies you have on hand and let them make one of these easy crafts. My daughter enjoys crafting when I am in the kitchen. It is a great way to keep her busy while I finish the last touches of the meal. These 8 ideas for Thanksgiving Crafts are sure to be fun for my family, I hope they are for your family too!

Cute Non Turkey Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

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1- Milk Carton Mayflower

mil carton thanksgiving craft for kids
I love that it requires few supplies. It is fairly easy to make and a great way to keep kids busy while you a preparing your Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re not into saving messy Popsicle sticks, you can grab a ton of crafting sticks (seriously, like 1,000!) for under $5 on Amazon on sale right now.

2- Thanksgiving Boat Craft

This Thanksgiving craft for kids is made with paper plates. I love the way the pain looks like real wood, don’t you?

3- Popsicle Stick Pilgrims

8-thanksgiving-crafts-for-kids-no-turkeyI am sure you have some popsicles in the freezer. Let the little one enjoy this treat and use the sticks for this easy Thanksgiving craft.

4- DIY Pilgrim Hat

This is the cutest hat I have ever seen. Dogs celebrate Thanksgiving with us too. They are part of the family. The kids will love crafting your pooch a little hat!

5-Tee Pee Craft

Your kids will love making fun little construction paper tee pees for their favorite small play figures. These can also double as party hats! Again, the supplies are super simple and inexpensive.

6-Scrappy Pumpkins

Thanksgiving and pumpkins go hand in hand. Make this decorative pumpkin with pieces of scrap paper and other elements you likely have around the house. Aren’t they gorgeous?

7- Native American Headband

8-thanksgiving-crafts-for-kids-no-turkeyThis is another easy party hat you can make for Thanksgiving. It’s a great way to teach kids about the first Thanksgiving.

8- Indian Corn Craft


This is another idea that’s super inexpensive yet really beautiful! Have your kids make a bunch to hang on your mantle or decorate the table with. You could ask them to make different colors for each guest and use them as place cards. Just write the guest’s name on the back!

I think we are going to try the Boat Craft and the Tee Pee Craft soon! Which of these Thanksgiving fun crafts for kids do you think your family will enjoy the most?

29 thoughts on “8 Totally Turkey-Free Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids”

  1. Those boats are adorable! I am trying to focus on the history of the holiday a little more with my littles, and these would be a great way to have a conversation about our nation’s past.

  2. Love these crafting ideas! We are always a house filled with children and scramble for new crafting ideas while the adults eat for 6 hours! Thank you for sharing.

  3. I like turkeys as much as the next gal, but I am so happy to see no turkeys here! There are so many other great things about Thanksgiving that can go into crafts other than turkeys.

  4. I like the scrappy pumpkins and the native american headbands! So adorable! These are all easy to do as well so kids won’t have a hard time.

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