Keep Kids Healthy & Safe with Our Back to School Health Tips!


There are plenty of reasons why back to school health tips should be front of mind when the new school season starts. Kids are actually exposed to so many people during an average school day that a lack of attention to this is a virtual guarantee that they will become sick at some point.

With the odds already against us as parents to keep the germs out of our home, the best we can really do is teach our kids the basics of being healthy at school. Also, don’t forget other back to school safety hazards that are commonly overlooked.  Here are the primary back to school health tips they need to learn to stay healthy at school.

 Back to School Health Tips

Wash hands constantly


Kids should know that washing their hands is the number one way to avoid most bugs being passed around. Each time they visit the restroom, before they eat and after they share anything with fellow students, they should wash their hands. Hand washing is the bare minimum that they need to know and they should be reminded on a regular basis.

Never share food or drink

Instruct your kids to never share food or drink with other students in such a way that they are eating or drinking after them. This can easily transfer germs, bugs and various other health hazards and cause sickness of all kinds.

Never leave the school grounds

Kids are not likely to break this rule anyway, but you still need to express it in clear terms. There are other kids that might encourage yours to leave for lunch, skip school or otherwise do things outside the school grounds. Make sure they understand the dangers and repercussions of making such a poor decision.

Explain about drugs and alcohol

The people that are offering your kids drugs at school are very sneaky. They will make your kid think they are taking a harmless piece of candy. Once your kid is hooked, then they are in serious trouble. Regardless of how outlandish it might seem, educate your kid on how drugs and alcohol can sneak up on them. Explain to them that they should never accept anything, including “candy” from people they don’t know.

Talk to your kids about strangers

It may seem like an over the top type of conversation, but the fact remains that kidnappings and school shootings are still happening and seem like they are actually getting worse. Educate your children and make sure they know how to handle all kinds of dangers where strangers are concerned.

Back to school health tips are certainly not complicated, but they are often overlooked. If nothing else, they get taken for granted. Don’t assume your kids already know things…review these basic tips anyway.

Do you have any great back to school health tips to share? Leave us a comment!

24 thoughts on “Keep Kids Healthy & Safe with Our Back to School Health Tips!”

  1. I was a teacher for many years and not getting sick was always a concern. I agree that hand washing is one of the best things we can do for ourselves to avoid illness.

  2. I don’t have any tips, I’d say if your student is allowed to take hand sanitizer to school, give them a travel size for their backpack. I can’t believe school is starting already!

  3. These things should always be reiterated to the kids over and over until they know how important it is to take care of themselves, especially from strangers.

  4. These are definitely good things to keep in mind. These are things you hope your kids will do when you send them off and they have to remember on their own to follow what you hope they do.

  5. Great tips for back to school. They can never wash their hands enough. And I like mentioning to never leave the school grounds.

  6. My son isn’t old enough to go to school yet, but I worry when he does, he’s going to start getting sick all the time. This was a great post, it put my mind at ease! Thanks for sharing!

  7. There are so many new and different experiences that kids encounter every year at back to school time. Not leaving the grounds is something that’s so important to learn. Kids need to hear it explicitly. We can’t always assume they’ll just know that.

  8. Angelic Sinova

    This are great back to school heath tips! My mom is a elementary school teacher and she always reminds here students about the importance of washing their hands constantly. She even keeps little hand soaps and sanitizers on her desk <3

  9. I remember always getting sick from school – It’s a breeding ground for germs!

    My baby isn’t here yet, but once she is, and she’s in school, I will definitely make sure she is prepared.

  10. Rebecca Swenor

    These are great health tips and well as safety tips for back to school. It is so important for children to wash their hands and never sure drinks or food. I believe it is so important for parents to talk about drugs and alcohol to kids at an early age only because kids start everything much younger than we did as kids. Thanks for sharing.

  11. You are spot on this topic. Parents and kids get tied up with buying new stuff for the coming school year and miss out on giving them tips to stay safe and be street smart. Sharing this post with friends and family. Thank you!

  12. This post is an excellent reminder. My daughter is a senior this year and I’ve been fairly strict with her compared to my parents. She doesn’t drive to school so she has no business going off campus. It’s safer that way too since she would be walking or riding with other kids. Last year a few high school kids got into a bad wreck during lunch. Needless to say a few kids were injured seriously and one died.

  13. Such an important thing to be open with our kids and chat about drugs and health especially before going back to school. Sometimes we think school is safe but there is always the need for precaution.

  14. These are all good suggestions to go over with the kids as they head back to school and the daily grind. It’s not all about buying school supplies, but getting kiddos emotionally and mentally ready for the school day onslaught!

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