How To Be Prepared For Back To School

Get your back to school organization ready! It's time to pack the lunches, pick out the outfits and gather the supplies. Check out our ideas to keep yourself prepared.

Are you prepared for back to school? Are you ready? I’m not ready yet either, but I’m starting to get my plans together. Around this time of year, many savvy Moms and Dads start preparing for the first day of school. There are supplies to be bought, meals to be planned, and schedules to work out. Despite the extra planning, this can be a time of celebration for everyone, including the parents. So take a deep breath and check out some of the things I do to make sure my family is ready for back to school.

How To Be Prepared For Back To School

Get A Jump Start On Back To School Supplies

As soon as the school supply list comes out, I start watching the sales and picking up a few things here and there. This is not the time to wait until the last minute, or you will pay premium prices. Some things you know your kid will use more of and even bigger kids may end up needing a pack of colored pencils or markers for projects later in the year. Don’t forget about your younger children who are too young to head to school. A new box of crayons and a coloring book that is all theirs can go a long way to making them feel included in the back to school mood. Something else I also stock up on is socks for everyone. Our socks always get lost over the summer when we are wearing flip flops and sandals all the time. I pick up labels for my younger children, so we don’t loose everything the first day! Soon you will have everything ready for that important first day.

Stock Up Your Kitchen

Our family menus changed to be a bit more breezy for summer, and now they will be changing again. Your weekly grocery list now more than ever needs to include quick breakfast items, lunch ideas, and healthy after-school snacks. Don’t forget to plan some quick and easy supper items for those days when schedules make it difficult to get a lot of time in the kitchen. I try to plan sit-down meals for my family as much as possible. This has been difficult in my house lately since I have teens with summer jobs. It has been valuable to our family though to bond over meals. Need a quick meal or snack? I love this simple pizza that Mya makes in the video below!

Plan Your Days And Weeks

When you are school supply shopping, don’t forget to pick up a planner for yourself. This is so you can keep track of who has practice or events that you need to drive them to and attend. It can be essential to keep everything organized. Another helpful tool I use is a chalkboard right by my front door, and every year I make sure it’s prepared for back to school. Everyone sees it as they go in and out, so I can use it for reminders about changes in schedules. A little planning will make the transition to school time a lot less stressful. Also, especially for younger children, start easing them back into that school sleep schedule.

Celebrate The Beginning Of School

 Why not celebrate with an easy back to school party like a BBQ?  The children are excited to get back to seeing their friends every day and parents are excited about the changing demands that this time of year brings. At our house, we have a back to school party.  Generally, I throw this party a cookout for friends and family. We give the kids their backpacks full of supplies, and I also throw in a fast food gift card since my house has teenagers. Mom and Dad can celebrate, too.  Why not get a gift card to your favorite restaurant to celebrate some time for you to spend with each other.

So how do you keep back to school time organized and fun? What is always on your checklist to complete so you are prepared for back to school? Tell me in the comments!


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Edited: June 2016