Air Canada: The easiest, most comfortable way to travel from Montreal to Billy Bishop, #SCCTO

I have been traveling quite often lately, mainly to attend conferences. I decided that 2012 is the time to take time away from my office and go meet amazing people! I went to the SES Conference in Toronto, attended BlogHer in NYC and ShesConnected  in Toronto city!

Since I am travelling for business, I want to maximize my time and find that flying is the best alternative! I could drive to Toronto city from Montreal but it would take me 5 hours! I drove from Montreal to NYC but it wasn’t only for business purposes. It was part of my family vacation

Air Canada: Easy, comfortable and convenient way to travel from Montreal to Billy Bishop Toronto

For my last conference, Air Canada was generous and provided me with a ticket to travel from Montreal to Billy Bishop Toronto City airport. Toronto has 2 airports: Pearson and Billy Bishop. Billy bishop is the downtown airport. Air Canada has been alaways serving the travel from Pearson to Montreal and since May 2011, they complemented their service by adding the destination Montreal to Billy Bishop.

What I liked during my travel experience

  • This line is is pretty convenient for any business person, as all the financial activities, conferences are held in downtown Toronto. When you land in Pearson, it may take you around 45 minutes to arrive to downtown (with traffic) and costs you maybe around $50. But when you land in Bishop, you are in the heart of the city! My cab was only $10 to my hotel.
  • I booked my ticket! I appreciated that AirCanada provided 15 daily nonstop flights from Montreal to Billy Bishop starting as early as 6:30 am and ending at 20:45! The flights leave every hour and as often as every 30 minutes at peak periods. I booked a return flight on Saturday at 6:30 PM. Air Canada operates daily flights from Toronto starting at 7:30 and ending 21:30.
  • One day before departure, I prepared my boarding pass. Air Canada has the option to send it via email or text message. I chose the latter because I receive so many emails that I didn’t want to scroll through them to find them. I went to Air Canada’s lounge where we have free wi-fi. I had interesting chats with the crew (yes at 6am in the morning: they were friendly and took the time to take a picture with me)
  • The flight is operated by Sky Regional Airlines inc. What I love the most is that we are allowed two carry-ons on board! Before entering the plane, a crew member takes your luggage and store them. This is a great great feature for me.

With Air Canada Crew at 6 am!

  • I enjoyed my flight on board the Bombardier Q-400 aircraft with leather seats. I was comfortably seated! Even though the flight was only 1 hour 10 minutes, I managed to sleep for 15 minutes! The crew served us snacks and we had access to complimentary bar service. I chose water and a muffin. During the return flight, I chose juice and some chips! Again the crew was super friendly and was even glad to pose for my pictures. I have to tell that it is not easy to take a picture on board planes! But I managed to do so!

Final thoughts: it is an easy, comfortable and convenient way to travel. You land in downtown Toronto! You can collect Aeroplan Miles. You can have access to a complimentary regularly scheduled shuttle bus service is available between the Fairmont Royal York Hotel and the Toronto City Airport. The service is just amazing!! The flight offers even easy connections to international and national destinations.

Air Canada 75th Anniversary

On September 1st 2012, AirCanada celebrated its 75th anniversary! Congratulations! They kicked off their celebration with a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the world’s newest and most modern commercial aircraft, making its inaugural visit to Canada! Beginning Saturday September 1st, Air Canada customers will be offered a unique glimpse into the airline’s rich history told through stories and rarely published photographs in a special edition of the airline’s award-winning in-flight magazine, enRoute, available in each customer’s seatback pocket.

Air Canada is also launching an interactive visual history of the airline online. Visitors to will have access to over 300 pictures, videos and vignettes that tell the story of Air Canada and the evolution of Canada’s aviation industry over the decades.

Air Canada foundation

Its 75th anniversary marks also The launch of the Air Canada Foundation, to manage the airline’s community investment programs and raise the profile of the causes Air Canada and its employees support. The Air Canada Foundation, which will be a registered charity, builds on the former Kids’ Horizons Program with a continuing focus on the health and wellness of children and youth. The Foundation’s mission is to help bring sick children to the medical care they need, support organizations that alleviate child poverty, and make the wishes of sick and disadvantaged children come true. It achieves these aims by supporting pediatric hospitals, raising funds and providing other assistance to charitable organizations

So why wait? Next time you travel, choose Air Canada! Professional, comfortable and you can help sick children!

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was received. Air Canada provided OurFamilyWorld with a promotional code! All opinions are ours

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  4. I have never flown Air Canada, but it sounds great! Being a super nervous flyer, every little added comfort helps! Will you be coming to the Bloggy Boot Camp conference in Chicago by any chance??

  5. I’ve flown over 70,000 miles this year and not once on Air Canada…but probably because I haven’t flown to Canada yet – lol. We go to Whistler every year. We usually drive, but I’ve been considering flying. Thanks for the info!

  6. I live in Chicago and have heard great things about Air Canada. We have not yet ventured to visit our Northern neighbors, but Toronto and Quebec on my list of places to visit soon for a weekend getaway!

  7. Great post, Olfa! I flew with another airline for #SCCTO and had a fab experience as well! My best friend’s husband works for Air Canada and my aunt and uncle have worked for Air Canada since the 70s! We’re no stranger to AC, and love it!

  8. Alyssa @Amotherhoodblog

    It sounds like you had a wonderful experience with Air Canada :) I flew to Toronto for SCCTO too however I did not fly AC but my airline was Fabulous too :)

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