How To Throw The Ultimate New Years Eve Party For Kids At Noon

Throw the ultimate New Years Eve party for kids at noon! Everyone will have a blast with these ideas perfect for families.

A New Years Eve party at noon sounds like a fabulous idea to me I don’t know about you, but some days I can barely make it to midnight. My kiddo only seems to stay awake until midnight if she’s sick or cranky, which does not make for a fun party. No need to push everyone until midnight, throw a family friendly NOON Years Eve party, and everyone will have a good time! This is an excellent way to celebrate with anyone with kids, plus the adults can have their celebration later if they choose. Or you could sleep knowing you already celebrated!

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Throw A New Years Eve Party For Kids At Noon

Balloon Drop Count Down


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A big part of a New Years Eve party for me is always the countdown. You can replicate the midnight excitement with a balloon drop. Your kids will be so excited to count down until noon, and then there is a flurry of balloons and excitement at the end. Not sure where to start? Get step by step directions here. All around the world people are dropping all kinds of things to celebrate New Year Eve including giant red roses, a giant maple leaf and even a giant pickles!

Celebrate New Beginnings

One great idea is to make a list of all the new things you would like to do in 2016. You could try a new activity, visit a new place or start a new family tradition. (I want to add a family board game night!) This is an excellent way to get kids thinking about family adventures, and gives you some ideas for family time that also puts a twist on a New Year’s resolution. Make some memories by having each kid take a picture next to their idea written on a dry erase board.

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Make Fancy Drinks



Toast New Years Eve and party with your kids in style! I like these Party Drinks For Kids; they sound like delicious mocktail recipes that will make the party feel special. Add to the wow factor by throwing a gumball or a piece of cotton candy in the bottom of your kid’s glass for extra fizzle! You can call it a disappearing drink to add to the fun.

Skip Lunch And Have Snacks

This is a party so skip the fancy dinner this time. Serve Fun Finger Foods that are easy for little hands. I find small bites always work better with picky kids anyways. If you are not sure about the tastes of your guests, consider doing a build your style bar with tacos or even mini pizzas. Yum!

Make Some Noise!



Part of the fun at a New Years Eve is making some noise! For kids, adding noise totally adds to the excitement. This adorable noisemaker centerpiece can be both a decoration for your party and can be noisemakers for the big countdown. You could also let kids stomp on bubble wrap, or make noisemakers by filling plastic bottles with shiny beads. There are so many fun ways to make noise, and what better reason then a New Years Eve party!

Have you ever celebrated Noon Years Eve with your kids? What is your favorite idea for celebrating a New Years Eve Party with kids? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. It’s not only kids that need to celebrate earlier in the day as I don’t think I’ve stayed awake for years … given my regular schedule is 5am to 9pm. Another idea that we just talked about is setting the clock ahead 1 hour to help our granddaughter get to bed earlier.

  2. Welcoming the New Year with kids definitely makes it more lively and exciting! Thanks for the awesome ideas, I love the cute drinks!

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