5 Real & Emotional Teenage Pregnancy Confessional Videos

Check out these five raw and honest teenage pregnancy stories that explore the true ups and downs of having a baby when you are young.

When you are talking about tough topics like teenage pregnancy, hearing and seeing real life stories can have a big impact. We have rounded up five confessional style stories from YouTube that show a wider picture of what it is like to have a pregnancy as a teenager. Some of the teens reflect on what they have gained and lost. Others shed glimmers of insight into what they have learned since becoming a young mom. Check out all the real stories below.

5 Real & Emotional Teenage Pregnancy Confessional Videos

Sweet Moms

The inspirational post from YouTuber Sweet Moms reflects back on her story as a teen mom. This story focuses on her story of how she found out she was pregnant at 17. She details how she felt invincible at that time in her life and how she felt that getting pregnant could never happen to her. In this confessional she mentions she was a balanced teen who played sports and got straight A’s. She was also in a long-term relationship for four years from the time she was 13 before she accidently became pregnant.


Madame Minivan

This story told by YouTuber Madame Minivan, details a different type of pregnancy story. This teen decided at 15 she wanted to have a baby and choose to have a baby with her then boyfriend, and even started using ovulation tests to try to become pregnant. I like how she looks back on some of the reasons she thought she wanted to become pregnant, including feeling like she was much more mature than she was. She also mentions that even though she doesn’t know if she would have listened as a teen, she wished someone would have pushed her towards school and creating a future for both herself and her baby before the baby was born. This is a must watch video.




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YouTuber KingstonsWorld talks about what it was like to tell her mom she was pregnant at 16. In this video, she describes being afraid to tell her parents she was pregnant. She decides moving out would be easier than facing the disappointment from her mom and dad, and leaves. She moves in with the baby’s father, and in the meantime both her family and the police search for her. This is a very raw and emotional video where she details some of the emotions many pregnant teens have directly after finding out they are pregnant.


Maria Helene

YouTuber Maria Helene was 17 when she found out she was pregnant, and her boyfriend at the time was in college. I like this video in particular because she details many of the emotional struggles she goes through every day with a new baby. This Youtuber has multiple other videos detailing her life as a teenage mom and her struggle finishing school. She does eventually marry the baby’s father over a year after the baby is born.



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This story tells about a girl who was on the pill but did not realize antibiotics could alter the effectiveness. YouTuber BrittandBabe tells her story about finding out she was pregnant and about telling her boyfriend and parents. I feel that this story is especially important because this teenage pregnancy resulted from a girl who thought she was safely preventing pregnancy.



Some of these YouTubers have full channels. If you want to hear more about their stories check out the rest of their YouTube videos.

Do you know anyone who confessed their teenage pregnancy story to the world on YouTube? Tell us what you thought of these stories in the comments.

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25 thoughts on “5 Real & Emotional Teenage Pregnancy Confessional Videos”

  1. Being a mom at 18 was hard, I couldn’t imagine if I was still in school. It takes alot of hard work and dedication to both parent and continue your education. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I was 16 when I get pregnant with my first son, but things were very different back in the late 70’s. Teenagers definitely have a lot more support and resources now than they did then. Thank you for sharing these incredibly moving videos! :)

  3. I was a teen mom, found out I was pregnant at 15 and had my daughter when I was 16. It was scary and the doctor told my mom I was pregnant, I some how knew I was a few days after conception however I didn’t tell anyone except for my daughter’s father. My mom was sad, scared, worried etc., but she was my biggest support!

  4. Wow, there are so many powerful stories here. I’m so glad these women were brave enough to share their stories; talking about it will raise awareness!

  5. Thanks for sharing these videos. I wasn’t a mommy in my teens but my mom was and always wondered how she coped being a parent that young.

  6. This is such a heartfelt topic. Teen pregnancy is not talked about from those who experience it enough and resources like these are excellent. These depict the real emotional toll and connection these young girls experience.

  7. I think these are all great videos!! I think it’s important to get the word out on teen pregnancy from teens who have gone through it. Nothing gets through to people like a first hand experience.

  8. These videos reminds me of what my father used to tell me when I was a teen. He told me that it is better to focus on study first before having a boyfriend just to stay safe of not becoming a young parent.

  9. Such heartwrenching stories! Motherhood is hard enough, nevermind throw in hormones and inexperience!! Although I don’t agree with teens have babies, I give them credit for stepping up to the plate!

  10. I don’t know what I would have done if I had found myself in any of these situations. It really is a hard road. One teen mom that I’m close to left high school 2 months shy of graduation, just to follow her second child’s baby daddy across the country. It broke my heart that he would put her in that position and that she didn’t feel she had the support to stay home and finish school :-(.

  11. I know a few people that had babies when they were teenagers. It was always hard for them. Although they love their kids, they wish they could have had more of a childhood themselves. These are great videos for all kids to watch.

  12. As a teen I thought I knew it all, I was so ready to be grown. When I reflect back on those times I just shake my head. We all think we know it all at that stage. Crazy part is we are the most insecure and don’t even know it. Kudos to these Teen Mom’s for sharing their experience.

  13. Such heartwrenching stories. I couldn’t imagine being pregnant as a teen. It was so much to take in as an adult. It’s far too much for a teen to go through.

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