Tips for Boosting Self-esteem in Teens

Adolescent years are tough and boosting self-esteem in teens might seem like a daunting task. There are ways you can help!

Adolescent years are tough and boosting self-esteem in teens might seem like a daunting task.  And also heartbreaking if it is your child.  It is not impossible to boost a teens self-esteem and help them to feel better about themselves, here are some ways you can help do that.

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Boosting Self-esteem in Teens

A happy list: If you are focusing on all the bad going on in your life, not only are attracting more bad, but you are missing all the good!  Shift your focus.  Every day, start to write down 5 good things that happened that day.  Doesn’t matter how small.  Was the sun shining?  That always puts me in a good mood!  Did your hair look good?  Eyeliner on point?  Whatever it may be, write down 5 good things.  Your outlook will start to change. 

Chair comments: Confession, I didn’t really know what to call this so ‘chair comments’ is what you got.  The idea is that one at a time, a teen sits in a chair, in front of a white board.  One by one, the group writes compliments or other good things about her.  But she can’t turn around until everyone has gone!  It’s fun and brings everyone just a little bit closer and let’s everyone see that there is good in everyone.

Have dinner: Families used to sit down to dinner every night, and they talked about their day.  This happens less and less often these days, with both parents working or one working more than one job, things get rushed after school and sometimes we all eat at different times (I am guilty of this too).  When you sit down together as a family, you get the chance to talk about what’s going on in each other’s lives.  Will it it help to boost your teen’s self-esteem over night?  No, but it will open the doors for them to come to you when things are bothering them.

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Move! I don’t mean pack up your house and kids and move away, no.  Get out and get active-do it together.  Exercising releases natural endorphins in your brain and instantly makes you happier (trust me on this, I just did this today in fact!)  The happier you feel (even if short lived for a while) and the more energy you have, the better you are going to feel about yourself.

Primp: I know that I don’t feel as great about myself when I sit at home walking around in my sweats and not showered (don’t lie, you know there are days you don’t shower).  A nice hot shower, a little makeup and a cute outfit (well, something other than sweats really) and I feel so much better.  Sometimes we can get into a rut and then start to feel badly about ourselves when life happens.  When you look good, you feel good, never fails.

Gaining some self-esteem back will not happen overnight.  What will work, is making small changes and being consistent about them.  It is easy to get into a rut and it’s much harder to climb out of it, but not impossible.  Changing your thoughts will make a huge difference.  You attract what you put out in the world.

If you have some advice or ways to boost self-esteem in teens, please share with us below!

15 thoughts on “Tips for Boosting Self-esteem in Teens”

  1. I think the best strategy is making sure that the family sits down to have dinner together every night. This is a good time to bond and talk about how our day went. It is a perfect moment to provide praise and reassure each and everyone of our love and affection.

  2. It’s all about listening to them and making sure you show them that they are appreciated for the things that they do. Even the smallest of things, like finishing all their chores. Stuff like that boost their confidence, just like us at work.

  3. These are great tips! Even for young adults, like me. I really appreachite it. I’ve been going through some tough times and this is going to come in handy!

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