Job stress management. Do you have the right to transfer your stress to your kids and family?

I will go straight to the point, the answer is No.

Your kids shouldn’t feel your stress. They can’t understand your problems and you can’t explain them the situation. All what they will see is that their Dad/Mom is not loving them as much as usual. The first person they will blame is themselves, because they just don’t understand. It’s crazy how a kid can feel guilty.

If your job is stressing you to the point of impacting your family, you either fix the problem or just leave. The price that you will pay if you ignore the problem might be huge. It’s time to start your job stress management.

If you have a problem in your couple, harry up and fix it. This is the worst situation for the kids. Their mom and dad are upset and don’t love them as much as usual.

If you feel that your family and your kids are important, manage your stress. Get rid of any stress source.

It’s easier said than done. I agree.

I took a job that was supposed to make my career move forward; it turned to be a huge step back. I had to deal at the same time with my disappointment, an extremely stressful management style and finding a solution in these bumpy economic times.

Without realizing it, I was bringing my frustrations home. I was sad most of the time and getting angry very fast.

I’m a very calm person especially when dealing with my kids. One day I was helping my son doing his homework and I got mad at him for a stupid mistake.

That day, I decided that this should stop. I have to find a solution and I have to find it fast.

I resigned last Thursday and I feel such a relief. On Saturday my wife was already telling me that she got me back.

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