My daily balance

To be able to create some balance in my life, I started by defining my priorities. I’m sure it’s not the first time you heard that, just give it a shot, it works.

You don’t need to do it by writing, use the method that you feel comfortable with. The only purpose of doing it is to define your main and absolute priority. When you find it, balance the other priorities around it.

I personally decided that my absolute priority is my family. In fact, my job, my social life and all my decisions were balanced around my family’s well being.

My son was born with a sever strabismus and needed all my attention, so I couldn’t save any energy to help him.

Twice to 3 times a week I drive him to his activities. He’s playing Hockey, skiing and swimming. I’m always there to encourage him. On the weekend nothing can prevent me from taking him on a roller blade ride, cycling or just walking.

To balance between him and the rest of the family, I bring my 2 years daughter with us. Sometime, if my wife is available, she also joins us.

Since my baby daughter was born, it’s always me who give her the bath and put her in the bed. I can’t wait to do it each single night. She’s the only audience I ever had when I’m singing.

Around 8:30 p.m. when the kids are sleeping, I take care of my lovely wife.